Assange 500 Days Halloween vigil at the Ecuadorian Embassy 31st October 2013

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On the 31st October 2013 a group of WikiLeaks supporters came together outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in Knightsbridge London to commemmorate 500 Assange days of resistance to an unjust persecution. He entered the Ecuadorian Embassy on 19th of June 2012 and found there refuge to live in safety and continue his WikiLeaks Publishing work.


We have a lot to be thankful for, as the Ecuadorians have offered him political asylum. From a small nation came a gesture that shrank giants into mice. The UK government on the other hand refuse to allow him safe passage. The foreign office under William Hague even threatened Ecuador with the removal of Embassy status and a raid on the embassy was only just prevented. Furthermore, the Swedish Prosecution Authority has shown no interest what so ever in questioning him about the allegations against him.  In the meanwhile, the British Taxpayer has furnished the entire cost of the Swedish Extradition Prosecution through the British Courts. It has also paid and continue to pay for the costs  of guarding  Assange with police presence 24/7 outside and inside the building that houses the Ecuadorian Embassy.

For over a year concerned supporters, have taken every opportunity to highlight Assange’s condition and stand in solidarity with him by attending a vigil outside the Embassy. On the 31st of October the vigil aquired a Halloween theme and the usual suspects were joined by another group of individuals, giving it a party atmosphere.


A very friendly Facebook Event Page Assange 500 – Halloween vigil at the Ecuadorian Embassy By Emese brought many new faces to Hans Crescent 🙂

Posters, flyers, masks and cake, Banners, bunting, tweets and tape

Flowers, card, some treats and tricks
With Warm Wishes for WikiLeaks
And with Spirits high and Strong:

“Thank you! Viva Ecuador”


You can find some beautiful pictures of the event by ChelseyLibera here: