The case of Al Manar Revisited – May 2012 at the fake wikileaks-forum

 It sometimes happens that you feel a single virtual space is your home with no alternatives and the people who

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Resources for The Case of ‘Al Manar’ Revisited at the fake WikiLeaks forum

At the Facebook Forum Staff Page and my private FB chat Mark kept bringing up Cabledrum for about four weeks.

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Selling 2 to 3 Footer Links on fake Wikileaks Forum by owner

  Mark Advertises Footer links at the for Sale in December 2011, using the aliases Soul Assassin & Infusionx

September 2011 fake WikiLeaks Forum for Sale by owner

Selling Large PR 5 Forum looking for a new owner – high traffic Mark Advertises the for Sale for

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At the fake May 2012 – The case of ‘Al Manar’

Here I republish Cabledrum’s account of the facts relating to his banning from ‘The Official WikiLeaks Forum’ in May 2012

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2013: Reporting Inauthentic WikiLeaks Facebook Pages to Facebook

I am writing you to complain about the use of Facebook to set up inauthentic WikiLeaks Pages for the purpose

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Is fake website owner and admins Faking Facebook ‘Likes’ ?

On the 7th of October 2013 a forum thread was posted at the website which you will find archived

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The fake owner and admins bullying includes using UK police

In the many question MArk s formed in my head about my time at the website, surely the roundest

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