2023 can be a winner for the freedom of Julian Assange, anything else is unthinkable.

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It is unthinkable, yet he is in Belmarsh prison imprisoned there by British hands, judges and politicians who simply do not care for trampling upon the dreams of millions for a more empowered democracy. Drag him into prison, drag him through the courts, make rivers of tears roll down on the faces of those who care for him,

but isn’t this how the people always struggled to turn society to serve freedom? Is there anything different from generations upon generations of hope and struggle for the betterment of our human world?

WikiLeaks.org after sustaining a hacking attack has returned victorious into functionality opening its doors welcoming to those who search for knowledge.

It is time what Julian Assange created, WikiLeaks, host in its pages the truth about the illegal machinations against him.

Since the judiciary has no moral spine, since the politicians abscond their responsibility to uphold Human Rights but overwhelmingly serve only power, we must dream for a torrent of truth for salvation.

We will have to go get it. Go into the ball pit get the ball and give it to WikiLeaks.