At the fake WikiLeaks Forum Facebook Staff Room and beyond 22.08.2012

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After the discussions described here: & attacks continued towards WL supporters Jaraparilla and Cabledrum via the WikiLeaks-Forum Twitter Account.
In telephone conversations I had with Mark his dramatic change from WL/JA most ardent supporter to anti-WL/JA was accellerating leaving me doubfounded and numb. In the morning of the 22nd of August 2012 I checked my twitter feed in my i-phone and again I saw new attacks being made against Jaraparilla.
The fact that the attacks were being made by individual (s) hiding their identity behind the generic identity of the forum’s twitter account was cowardly. Mark and whoever else was doing it were using the wikileaks-forum twitter account to saw fear, uncertainty and doubt among WL/JA supporters. I could not be part of this. At the Forum’s Facebook Staff Room both myself and another had raised the issue and to me at least the response was unsatisfactory. There was no point in raising the issue again when my telephone conversations with Mark revealed that his change into an anti-WL/JA was beyond doubt. I had to do something to once and for all cut all links with Mark’s circle of control and withdraw my support to him that I felt legitimised him. Up till that point, the work that I did for the forum as a moderator, being one of many admins at, co-admin for some of the WL Facebook pages he had created and controlled, using the Forum’s twitter account to tweet forum links were all helping him in my modest way in supporting the WL community of WL supporters. His current behaviour indicated that he not only did not support but he was using the tools available to him: eg the forum’twitter account to do harm.
I had to do something to quickly get banned and be done with it. I logged in at the forum’s twitter account tried to change the password to give me some time (I knew I could not technically carry out this to fruition as this was not an account I had set up in the first place but was willing to go as far as I could and cross that line of no return). I sent out some tweets identifying myself and explaining my actions. These were immediately deleted but here is a vague summary from memory:
“I have tried to change the passwords so that I get banned and sever all links / Mark the owner of the forum no longer supports WL/JA so I cannot support him / He might have no choice in what he does / he was concerned his phone was tapped, his car followed / his children photographed / btw I am Green/greekemmy / I conclude the forum is controlled”. Soon after that my access to the WikiLeaks-Forum Twitter Account stopped. My tweets were already gone, only the last one remained for a while.
Here was the reaction at the WikiLeaks Forum Staff Room:
Post No 1
Ma Rk posted in WikiLeaks Forum Staff Group
oh well…..if I find out who hacked the…
Ma Rk   9:52am Aug 22
oh well…..if I find out who hacked the twitter account I will definately press criminal charges against this person for mentioning my children. This puts me and my kids ( although they aren’t small anymore ) at great risk.
Some of you have kids too. I coudl do the same, but I wont. THe forum will continue and so will everything else
Post No 2
Ma Rk posted in WikiLeaks Forum Staff Group
untill the situation is under control, I have…
Ma Rk   9:57am Aug 22
untill the situation is under control, I have had to temporary change the permissions of all forum related accounts
Post No 3
Jasminka Od posted in WikiLeaks Forum Staff Group
Here are the promised screenshots of the…
Jasminka Od     11:47am Aug 22
Here are the promised screenshots of the twitter account that was hacked. The password was changed and the person tried to change the master email account.
[Note from Emmy: sorry I don’t know how to paste the image that was attached anyway it was far too small to see what was written.]
Post No 4
******** posted in WikiLeaks Forum Staff Group
Ppl i’m so sorry i’m without internet at the…
********        12:57pm Aug 22
Ppl i’m so sorry i’m without internet at the dude’s home since yest.evening&i’m only via phone+’have to go to a funeral tomorrow… Everybody pls keep an eye on the boards for me too… Thanks! ♥ i hope the situation with twitter will be solved as soon as possible and the bastard will be stopped
End of FB Staff Room Posts
Already at my What’s up I-phone App, Mark had sent me another message:
22 August 2012 10:46
“Why dud u put me and my kids at such risk? Did i ever attack you personally?
Emmy…please have the decency to own up to your actions. I will assume you are innocent unless you tell me the truth. All the evidence points to you trying to hijack the forum twitter account but I will keep an open mind for now or untill you talk to me and explain. All I ask is did u do it or nor and then I can carey on…Thnx emmy,mark”
The same evening I contacted him and had a long, emotional but civil discussion. I confirmed that I had to do something drastic and immediate to break away and I was not going back. He was firm in his claim that he was not supporting JA/WL but that the forum/sja platforms would carry on, he read to me an apology letter he was posting to the Forum Staff Room about using the twitter account to express his own beliefs. He said I was a sheep following a cult, I said the only person I followed blindly was himself and it was against his authority that I now rebelled, I thanked him for all that I have learnt and I said that where he was leading I cannot follow. (you can read that letter of apology here: )
I was then removed from the Facebook WikiLeaks Forum Staff Room Group.
As soon as I was back from my holiday I put my “Green” account on the deletion queue. A few days later I did the same with my “greekemmy” account. In my quick visit I noticed that warning levels had been put in my account (in other words I was on the route for banning) and could not post or send Personal Messages.
I posted the following in my private Facebook Wall, part of which was copied and tweetted by the Wikileaks-forum twitter account:
Greek Emmy
September 3
I few days ago I placed my Green moderator’s account in the queque for deletion. I have now done the same for my greekemmy account. These actions follow through my decision to sever all links with the forum. I have tweeted the reasons for my decision. I am satisfied that the mods and admins are aware of these reasons. If anyone wishes more information on the subject can contact me on my private e-
mail address ************* My last conversation with Mark was on the 22nd. I am satisfied he completely understands my reasons which are not personal. We have agreed to disagree in our support for Julian Assange. I do support Juian Assange, he doesn’t any more. He is entitled to his views, but I cannot be part of his team anymore.
Greek Emmy Since I am no longer an active member of the forum, I will understand if anyone wishes to ‘unfriend’ me. For me, it is not personal.
September 3 at 10:12am •
Isis •
Emmy if you feel the need to go … Go …but it’s not true “he doesn’t support Assange” bcs he Pays for Support Assange platforms – Emmy… My best friend/sister too has doubts on JA, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t support his Human Rights… I’ll shut up my mouth here but let’s try to be objective: I’m Human, JA is Human, … who is “perfect” here a part from the ideas?
September 3 at 10:27am •
Jerri Barney •
There is no fully black or white when it comes to Julian Assange support, there is really a lot of greys. One thing is for sure, someone like Assange facing what he has to face- does not need to surround himself with enamored supporters that have the warped thinking patterns of any blind following. In order to accomplish the enormous task he has undertaken, he has to do what can be hard. He has to be able to allow people to critic him and in no way would he benefit from not listening to them. People that follow him blindly are hurting him much more than any critics at this vital time. In this way, the true anti assange crowd could very well be some of his most ardent supporters.
September 3 at 1:11pm •
Friend A I certainly don’t want to unfriend you Emmy. I have to confess, I am troubled, and not too clear about what has transpired. Stuff about whether someone supports JA or not. Personally I support Wikileaks, and because of the enormous personal sacrifices JA has made for Wikileaks, I will also support him. I support Kristinn Hrafnsson and all the other members and supporters of Wikileaks, but who cares about that?. I somehow feel that this episode has a whiff of ‘divide and conquer’ about it. The forum after all, had no executive function, but was just a place that like-minded individuals could share ideas – like the tea room at work ! Consequently, it really doesn’t matter whether you are a member of ‘the club’ or not … it is what you believe in your heart that really matters. All the organisations – WL – Occupy – Indignados, have never been about people being active – they have all been about people being aware and supportive.
September 3 at 9:44pm •
Greek Emmy Thanks everyone for your views expressed here and the ones privately, through private message, jabber, e-mail and What’s up, I have little use of jabber communication with the forum team now so I am thinning back my buddy list. I know most of you do not use it anyway… hope no offense is taken, none is meant. 🙂 Equally, I am unfollowing some accounts in Twitter, (you will be fine without me ) feel free to do the same no offense taken 😉
September 3 at 9:45pm •
Ma Rk hmm….I recognize this style of writing anywhere…its a dead giveaway, but I won’t mention any names 😉
September 4 at 1:22am •
Friend B Greek Emmy Feel with you….. Sorry that step has become necessary. You surely have very good reasons to do so. You noticed i’m not active any more because of lack of time, still i often think back and remember you did a lot to the forum. Wish you all the best!
September 4 at 10:00am •
Greek Emmy Oh, I just noticed that my above post has been twitted by the account, to whom I owe this honour? or are we going to play hide and seek again? 🙂 Mark After I placed my jabber conversation with Julia here and her e-mail to me here in my private Facebook page, you sent me this message on my “what’s up” application: “Emmy, please have the decency to not publish Julia’s personal details in the web. You are putting her at risk by publushing her email and jabber account. She never gave u any reason to do this to her,,,, plz think this over; thAnx mark”. Now you have tweeted the above mentioned post truly to the web containing my e-mail address. Let me say straight away: I forgive you and hold no ill will against you or any member who acts on your behalf. All I want is to disassociate myself from your forum since you are no longer an Assange and WikiLeaks supporter and I am sadly convinced that you will use it to harm the cause that means so much to so many including myself. I will have no part in this. Please delete both my accounts and let’s all move on to whatever everyone choses to do. Many thanks.
September 4 at 4:01pm •
Jerri Barney •
Emmy, since you have not answered my email or even address my post here on facebook about these matters that you keep mentioning, it is quite clear to me that you have no interest in paying me that respect. No problem, I will just keep addressing these points without your dialogue input to me. Even though you express that you are convinced that Mark no longer supports WikiLeaks or Julian Assange and that constitutes only your one opinion, the gravity of what you are saying is much more far reaching and potentially damaging to the point that it is painting you as very vindictive person- I don’t care how sweet you write these replies. You know what you are doing and your continuation of this campaign against Mark is sickening to me. This is only one of the many actions that show your true intent. You keep implying that you want to go quietly yet you tried to hijack the forums twitter account- I have seen the screen shots. That is far from going quietly. The exposure of peoples personal information that you have exposed here- after you have addressed me in times I wasn’t being careful enough about your information?- unbelievable! Then this whole debacle of a situation of your forum account being banned on the forum- What is this crap>>> Silenced as usual: @wikileaks_forum has silently banned their most prominent moderator Green from posting “.<<<Are you condoning this? Because if you do- there is more than enough witnesses and proof showing it as absolutely false! My post will continue as long as you continue this passive aggressive vindictive campaign of yours and remember I can see right through every single sugar coated post of yours. Yep, it looks like I am the bad one here doesn’t it, like I may be the vindictive one here. Go ahead paint me black, come on do it. I can take it.
September 4 at 5:24pm • Like • 1
Greek Emmy I understand my accounts are now deleted. Goodbye and the very best of Luck.
September 4 at 10:13pm • Like • 2
Ma Rk All the best :-))))))
September 4 at 10:16pm via mobile • Like
Greek Emmy Will you always have the last word ? 🙂
September 4 at 10:18pm •
Greek Emmy No, since I have just unfriended him. The end of an era *phew*.
September 4 at 10:23pm •
And this is the end of 18 months of being a member and 9 and a half months of being a mod at what started as “The Official WikiLeaks Forum” and ended up as the anti-wikileaks-forum courtecy of its owner and his new “objective” friends.
Why do I make public now this account of events that made me leave the forum?
Because since I left I observed further changes at the forum that confirmed my thoughts that it was becoming a vehicle of hurting the cause and people I support. Therefore events that were known only to a very small number of people, should now become public to help understand what is going on. By throwing light to my personal story it might help others understand that a campaign of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (,_uncertainty_and_doubt ) is now at work at the recently re-launched “The WikiLeaks-Discussion Forum”. Let’s try and keep our vision clear.
Post script: twice I posted these 4 posts in paste bin and twice I seem to have lost them. I decided to put them in this blog, which is my very first attempt in doing something like this. I hope it works and gives a home to these posts as well as many others in the future.
Update 13/12/2013 wlf twitter account has been tweeting the screenshots of some of my tweets recently so I was able to take a copy, they have made a mish-mash and not included all of them by anyway here they are:

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