What is the Metropolitan police doing in the #Assange and #WikiLeaks Embassy Surveillance?

In reaction to the attempted break in at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London

I wrote to my representative London Assembly Members:

On February 2016 the United Nations Working Group of Arbitrary Detention ruled that Julian Assange the editor of WikiLeaks should be released and compensated by the UK and Sweden. Neither countries recognise the political asylum that Ecuador has granted Julian Assange for the persecution and threat to his life, work and human rights by the actions of United States government. The US government investigations of a publisher and the work of his staff at WikiLeaks for the last 6 years in a Grand Jury investigation in Washington Virginia for Espionage, Conspiracy to commit espionage, The theft or conversion of property belonging to the United States government, Violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, (general) Conspiracy, sends chills to the publishing and journalistic world. The public threats to his life the last 6 years and the persecution, of WikiLeaks have been broadcasted and met with impunity despite Human Rights organisations condemning them.

The UK refuses to allow safe passage to Ecuador de facto trapping him in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London Knightsbridge for 4 long years. Despite his deterioration of health and urgent need for medical attention unable to be offered to him within the confines of the Embassy, the UK government persists that they will arrest him the moment he steps outside the embassy to visit a hospital. The Metropolitan Police has spent millions of tax payers money in a 24/7 police surveillance of Julian Assange at the embassy to support his immediate arrest, first with overt presence of uniformed police surrounding the embassy and a covert surveillance operation and since October 2015 having scaled down the overt presence they declared to have increased the covert operation.

I find the whole matter distasteful and a blatant disregard for Human Rights Law, the UK’s violation of International obligations all paid for by London Taxpayers who have never been asked their opinion on the matter.

The new London Mayor Sadiq Khan since his election is silent on the matter. Does he condone such spending by the public purse under his control that violates the Human Rights he has pledged to uphold in his public office and as a human rights lawyer?

This morning we woke up to the news that :

“…at 2:47am an unknown man scaled the side wall+window of the Ecuadorian embassy in London; fled after being caught by security”

And my question is, what is Metropolitan Police doing in its surveillance 24/7 of Assange in the Embassy? Having stood outside the Ecuadorian Embassy for hundreds of hours in solidarity vigil over the last four years I have stood witness to the millions of pounds that have been spent in surveilling it and laying a seige upon it to create a threat of arrest onto Julian Assange as well as monitor and record the diplomatic work at the embassy as well as the WikiLeaks work conducted there by Julian Assange. When a matter of real threat to someone’s safety and security arises, like potential burglary, potential attempt onto Julian Assange’s life not to mention the threat on a diplomatic premises, what does the Metropolitan police do?

Considering the 24/7 surveillance operation they conduct together with other parts of government controlled security and intelligence services how is it that not a single word has been mentioned by Sir Bernard Hogan Howe who happily spends our Tax payers money on such operation? What is the Mayor have to say with such a hypocrisy going on with the Embassy Assange surveillance or are we Londoners not to know what is going on in our own back yard on the name of a frankly ludicrous claim of ‘national security’ or upsetting the diplomatic relations with an allied country like the one of the United States. Under Sir Bernard Hogan Howe’s watch these things have been going on and what does he have to say on the matter? Is the UK state apparatus complicit in undermining Julian Assange’s and the Ecuadorian Embassy staff safety, just like the UK political leadership is arbitrarily detaining him to the detriment of his health in blatant violation of his human rights?

Not in our name! I appeal to you, our elected London Assembly members to take action that the MetPol actions are scrutinised and that the London Mayor takes a serious interest in both the budget that is being entrusted with but also what the MetPol is doing to Julian Assange safety and security under Sadiq Khan’s guardianship.

I thank you in advance for your time

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Emmy Butlin
Julian Assange Defence Committee
Grassroots solidarity for Julian Assange the WikiLeaks Editor

Some resources:

1]. Assange case Fact finder: https://justice4assange.com/assange-case-fact-checker.html
2]. US gov investigates WikiLeaks: https://wikileaks.org/google-warrant/press.html
3]. UN ruled Julian Assange is Arbitrarily detained: https://justice4assange.com/UN-Working-Group-on-Arbitrary.html

JA's 4 years political asylum

Defend Julian #Assange during #DNCLeaks by #WikiLeaks

It is not surprising, that during the latest WikiLeaks release, the DNC Email Archive, Julian Assange is under constant attack for his work. In a recent interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now he says to gathered supporters:

“It’s going to be a very big publishing year for WikiLeaks and I am really happy about that, in many different types of publications and so actually I implore everyone here to get ready to gather around us, that extended periphery and protect our ability to publishing, to pay our staff, to give us information to be published, or information that can be used to defend ourselves. It is necessary and it will be very necessary over the coming months.”

Let’s do it! The wonderful @SomersetBean has given us a wonderful graphic to mark JA’s Arbitrary Detention, Let’s use it!

four years of JA detention by Bean

And here is a handy list of resources for WLsup to defend him and WikiLeaks🙂

1]. The Assange Case Fact Checker
2]. The US Gov Investigates WikiLeaks
3]. UNWGAD Assange is held Arbitrarily must be released
4]. UK and Sweden must give the good example

The UNWGAD Press video 5 February 2016:

The legal Seminar in Brussels on 30 May 2016:

Supporters speak out on 19 June 2016 and more http://www.freeassangenow.org:

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Let’s add our voice to them and Defend this man who has dedicated his life to his work in our service:

Julian #Assange of #WikiLeaks speaks at the US Green Party Convention 6 August 2016

Original Source: http://heavy.com/news/2016/08/julian-assange-green-party-watch-voting-fear-clinton-extortion-trump-interview-highlights-video/

Julian Assange: Voting Because You Fear the Other Candidate Is ‘Extortion’

Published 2:26 pm EDT, August 6, 2016 Updated 2:42 pm EDT, August 6, 2016

Julian Assange addressed the Green Party this morning in a powerful live-feed video. Technical difficulties at first made it look like the interview might not happen at all. Assange even asked someone off camera: “Did they not test this?” Eventually they were able to overcome the difficulties and have a lengthy Q&A. These are highlights from his speech.

Here’s what you need to know.

Assange Said Voting to Keep the Other Candidate Out Is a Type of Extortion

Assange told the Green Party that voting for one candidate solely to keep the other out of office was a form of extortion.

“What the Clinton campaign at the moment is trying to say is… Maybe we’re connected to arms dealers and to Saudi Arabia and yes maybe we subverted the integrity of the Democratic primary… But you’ll just have to swallow that or else you’ll get Donald Trump. That’s a form of extortion…

He added:

“It’s very important not to allow the political process to suffer from extortion or even yourself to be susceptible to extortion… It’s important for those people who feel their principles have been violated in the way the Democratic primary process has been run or how Chelsea Manning been in prison for 35 years… to go OK, there’s a cost to violating principles, even if there’s also a cost to yourself, even if you don’t like the risk that Donald Trump becomes President. One has to have a line somewhere, otherwise as each election cycle proceeds you’re pushed further and further into the corner.”

He also addressed the DNC leaks from WikiLeaks and the implications involved.

What they show is not only was there a sort of internal view … about how to undermine Bernie Sanders and support Hillary Clinton… But rather there were formal instructions made to DNC staff to execute a campaign of black propaganda against Bernie Sanders…”

He continued:

“For example, Luis Miranda the communications chief instructed his staff to put out … allegations that Bernie Sanders supporters were engaged in acts of violence. Similarly there were discussions to expose or rather claim that BS was an atheist and this would harm him in the south. … Then there’s aspects to do with how financing was being bounced around between the DNC and state parties and the Hillary Clinton Victory Fund. To my mind the most ongoing interesting material is the influence peddling structure of the DNC…”

Assange Said WikiLeaks Was Not Trying to Harm Hillary Clinton
Assange addressed rumors that WikiLeaks was actively trying to harm Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

When we published the DNC leaks, the New York Times … said that I intended to harm Hillary Clinton. This is what we’ve been doing for 10 years. That was a completely fabricated story… We are in interested in power and publishing the truth about power so people can work out however they choose to reform power…

He encouraged third-party activists to keep fighting.

“What is happening now with the Green party and Gary Johnson and Bernie Sanders’ campaign is very important but it must be seen past the moment, past this political moment… (This is a) moment to build a movement and build pressure. Having built it, then, one can … hold accountable and check the abuses of government during the next four years… (Clinton and Trump) are two (of) the most unpopular pair of presidential candidates in U.S. history. … They are going to continue to generate oversight and resistance which will not only create a fertile field for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein to grow their support, but will create a very fertile field to understand and hold the government to account.”

He added that although he believes Clinton will most likely win, he doesn’t prefer either candidate:

“I was asked this question, did i prefer Clinton or Trump? The answer is do i prefer cholera or gonorrhea? … It’s a very sad situation. Given the reality has always been, the president pretty quickly merges with the bureaucracy that’s around it… Corporate lobbyists are enormous compared to political parties.”

He added that he was concerned with Google being one of those lobbyists and its connection to the White House. He was concerned that closer relations might hurt the way we communicate down the line.

Assange: Jill Stein Will Be Attacked More After the Convention
Assange noted that Stein will be facing greater attacks in the coming months from the media.

I’ve just seen the attacks have started to ramp up on Jill Stein. They are going to go thru the roof. Those attacks are going to be ferocious… You’ll learn lessons from that on how the media works and how one can defend your principles and ideas in the face of that… To defend civil liberties and the Internet, the first thing is to practice it.”

He encouraged the delegates watching the feed:

“Become your own media in practice in small ways and big ways… Keep your principles and sense of clarity on those principles.”

For a better feel of how the speech was received by the audience at the Green Party Convention watch the video made by Claudia Stauber which you can find here:

For a good video and audio of Julian Assange’s speech (technical defficulties prevented audio from the Green Convention) see here:

CNN politics reports Jill Stein’s comments about JA here:


#Assange: #WikiLeaks has become the rebel library of Alexandria

Julian Assange:

Well, WikiLeaks has become the rebel library of Alexandria. It is the single most significant collection of information that doesn’t exist elsewhere, in a searchable, accessible, citable form, about how modern institutions actually behave. And it’s gone on to set people free from prison, where documents have been used in their court cases; hold the CIA accountable for renditions programs; feed into election cycles, which have resulted in the termination of, in some case—or contributed to the termination of governments, in some cases, taken the heads of intelligence agencies, ministers of defense and so on. So, you know, our civilizations can only be as good as our knowledge of what our civilisation is. We can’t possibly hope to reform that which we do not understand.


Judy Woodruff of PBS interviews Julian #Assange on #WikiLeaks #DNCLeaks

Original source: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/dnc-information-come-says-wikileaks-founder/

3rd August 2016

Video, Audio and Transcript all from the original source above.

In the aftermath of a devastating email-hacking incident involving top Democratic party officials, WikiLeaks is preparing to release new information “on a range of important issues.” According to organization founder Julian Assange, WikiLeaks is now immersed in formatting the information to be easily accessible to journalists and the general public. Judy Woodruff interviews Assange for details.

JUDY WOODRUFF: While the Republican Party has seen its share of conflicts this week, recent events have also unearthed discord within the ranks of the Democrats as well.

The hacking of Democratic National Committee e-mails, experts say by the Russian government, and the posting of e-mails on WikiLeaks, led to the resignation of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other top officials, and exposed rifts within the party.

But the revelation also caused speculation about how WikiLeaks got them and why they released them.

So, we decided to talk to Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been holed up for four years to avoid extradition to the U.S.

I spoke with him a short while ago.

Julian Assange, welcome.

You said this week that WikiLeaks is going to be releasing more of the information that was hacked from the Democratic National Committee in different batches. So when will the next batch come?

JULIAN ASSANGE, Founder, WikiLeaks: I’m afraid I must correct you, Judy. I didn’t say that we would be releasing information that has been hacked from the DNC.

We said that we have a significant amount of information, and the information itself is significant, and it pertains to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. And we will be releasing it in several batches as we are finished with the journalistic work on each batch.

JUDY WOODRUFF: So, are you saying this is different from what was hacked from the DNC and the Democratic Congressional Committee?

JULIAN ASSANGE: You have DNC leaks, which is what we do, and you have DNC hacks, which is an issue that goes back several years.

There’s been a lot of confusion, which has been pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign to try and confuse hacking of the DNC by a wide variety of actors over the last two years, and our publication of 20,000 e-mails from the DNC.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Well, let me just pursue that, though. In terms of what WikiLeaks has, you have said you’re analyzing the material and you’re looking at which media partners to work with to get — I think you said maximum uptake from it.

Can you tell us anything tonight about what’s in that material?

JULIAN ASSANGE: It’s a wide range of material. It covers a number of important issues. There’s a variety of natural batches and some thematic constellations that we’re working on.

It’s interesting material. We have done enough work now that we are comfortable with the material’s authenticity. And so now it’s a matter of completing the format, layout to make it easy and accessible and so that journalists can easily extract material from it, extract stories from it, and also the general public.

JUDY WOODRUFF: What would you consider a successful outcome from all this? We know that already four top officials from the Democratic National Committee have resigned. What would you consider the successful outcome, the most damage that could be done from this?

JULIAN ASSANGE: Well, WikiLeaks began 10 years.

We take leaks, principally from whistle-blowers, of material that is of diplomatic, political, ethical or historical significance, typically about corruption or war. And we verify it. And we publish it and we write analysis about it.

And we also engineer globe-spanning media collaborations in order to get the best understanding of that material. And we place it in our library, which is available to everyone, has more than 10 million documents in it now which we feel that otherwise would not have come before the public, and that performs an ongoing role leading to great works in investigative journalism, successful court cases, civil litigation, criminal process, and, of course, also contributes to public understanding during the moments of political competition.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Well, let me ask you about that, about the — what you consider a successful outcome here, because we know you have made clear your strong feelings about Hillary Clinton.

You wrote back in February — and I’m quoting now — “She’s a war hawk who gets an unseemly emotional rush out of killing people. She shouldn’t be let near a gun shop, much less an army. She certainly shouldn’t become president.”

So, I think, why shouldn’t the American people assume there’s a political motive here?

JULIAN ASSANGE: Well, let’s flip it the other way around. Let’s say that I personally, the editor — my personal opinion is different to my function as an editor.

But let’s say that, personally, I loved Hillary Clinton. Would WikiLeaks still publish this material? Of course it would. Otherwise, we would be censoring it. That’s our mandate. It’s actually interesting to think about what media organizations wouldn’t publish such material if it was given to them.

I think that’s a very interesting question. So, my position, as an analyst is that, yes, that Hillary Clinton is a war hawk. But the statement was made within the context of the early phases of the Democratic primaries. It is by no means an endorsement of Donald Trump.

JUDY WOODRUFF: But you still would oppose her becoming president, which is what you wrote?

JULIAN ASSANGE: Well, I — my personal analysis is that, if you are concerned about U.S. foreign policy and getting into foolish wars, then Hillary Clinton is not your woman. On the other hand, I mean neither is Donald Trump.

JUDY WOODRUFF: But, bottom line, why shouldn’t the American people look at this and say, this is an effort to undermine the Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party?

JULIAN ASSANGE: Well, I can reveal to you the source of the information today. The source of the information is the Democratic Party. It is Debbie Wasserman Schultz. It is the chief financial officer. It is the communications officer, Luis Miranda, in fact all these people who have just been fired, and another (INAUDIBLE) so that’s the source of the information that’s known.

As to who the intermediaries are, that’s another question. It’s also a little bit concerning to see the sort of McCarthyist attempt to frame Trump as some kind of Russian conspirator.

I think both presidential candidates are extremely problematic. But a kind of McCarthyist hysteria, trying to depict one of the candidates as somehow a Manchurian Candidate, I think is a bit disturbing. And then also a push for journalists to reveal their sources, as a journalist, it’s disgusting.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Well, I wanted to give you a chance to say what you believe, Julian Assange.

But WikiLeaks, we know, argues for transparency. It’s part of your very mission. And so isn’t this an extension of that, transparency about where this explosive material came from, how it fell into your hands?

JULIAN ASSANGE: As I said, we know exactly where it came from. It came from materials that were just published. We know exactly where it came from. It came from the DNC.

JUDY WOODRUFF: You’re saying the future batches will be material from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former head of the DNC, and others? Is that — am I hearing you correctly?

JULIAN ASSANGE: No, we haven’t said what it is precisely that we are going to publish. We’re working on it. We obviously want it to be a bit of a surprise, because it encourages public uptake and interest, which is what all — all material seeks.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Julian Assange, we thank you for talking with us.

JULIAN ASSANGE: Thank you, Judy.