Promethean Bradley Manning in his own words

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Prometheus, steals fire from Zeus and gives it to the “mere mortals” to help them improve their lives, passing on the knowledge of its use . (Check out Wikipedia for the Ancient Greek Myth in its entirety and various versions). Zeus captures the hero/thief ties him naked on a rock, eternal bondage, and sends an eagle to torment him. The eagle eats his liver but the hero is divine and does not die, his liver re-generates daily and he lives on for generations in suffering. Finally Hercules (half god half human) kills the eagle, releases Prometheus from his bondage who then foretells the fall of Zeus.

I can’t get this myth out of my mind since I read about Bradley Manning’s treatment in prison.

I could go on for hours about the symbolism and the parallels we can draw between myth and reality but would be interested to read what other minds think on the subject….

And this is how it all started, The day before I had joined “The Official WikiLeaks Forum” and I found it so exciting as well as daunting, typing up my very first post, getting to grips with the simple but still mysterious “Simple Machines” forum software, wondering how my post would be received if there are going to be any comments by others, what the discussions would be like etc…

Two years have gone by, “The Official WikiLeaks Forum” is now history replaced by “The WikiLeaks Discussion Forum” a trap set by its owner, ready to mislead, disinform and do harm.

But the post that I wrote then I could write again now.  This time Bradley Manning’s clear voice trumpeting the truth and revealing his motivation, no more no less than Prometheus’ motivation : pity for the human condition and love. We have heard his message loud and clear. All we need now is a Hercules.

We have a saying in Greek: “Οργη Λαου Φωνη Θεου” which translates to “the ferocious vocal anger of the people is the voice of God”. Would that vocal anger ‘half human, half god’ be the modern Hercules that will save Bradley?

I sincerely hope so. Here is his message in his own voice: