Fake Wikileaks-forum.com for Sale by owner

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What is the value of a WikiLeaks forum, to its members, to its mods, to the community it was supposed to support and what is its value to the owner. Can a monetary value be put on a dream? The final chapter in Mark’s hypocrisy:

Captured image: http://www.cabledrum.net/img/wlf_for_sale.png

So much for the ‘ideals of WikiLeaks’ he still pretends to uphold. What ideals? He has put the forum for sale to the highest bidder. It seems the WikiLeaks brand gives this asset high google rankings and steady flow traffic. No wonder WikiLeaks has called this website a fraud on the public.

What is there for sale?

A Website: http://www.wikileaks-forum.com, a blog http://www.support-julian-assange.com, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, all in a package. Hosted in Virtual Private Network paid by the Community it says on the advert (the Donation button).

So let’s not hear again the wikileaks-forum.com owner talk about the WikiLeaks ideals please, it seems he is interested in an entirely different matter here.

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