What was being planned by the fake #wikileaks forum creator back in May 2013?

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Since the very public attempt  to create a ‘WikiLeaks Forum’ Wikipedia page (you can find a draft Articles for creation submission  here http://wpedia.goo.ne.jp/enwiki/Wikipedia_talk:Articles_for_creation/The_WikiLeaks_Forum, it can no longer be claimed by the Forum staff that its creator wishes to remain anonymous, since the draft submission article mentions him. The draft submission article that names him, is identical to the same text (bar his name) that has appeared as a post at the forum with the title  ‘Facts about the WikiLeaks Forum’ which I have archived here: archive.is/uF1lS. It has been translated in various languages and tweeted several times by the WLForum twitter account, also posted at the various Facebook pages that were also created by Mark and maintained by forum staff.The Wikipedia article was submitted by Mayya Gaia http://archive.is/GcQyj, whilst the forum post was submitted by administrator Mayya http://archive.is/uF1lS. It is therefore hypocritical to pretend that the forums creator wishes to be anonymous, when his name is destined for the pseudo forum’s public Wikipedia Page .

When back in June I came across a website with his own name on: http://mark-goeder-tarant.com I was so surprised that it prompted me to tweet the link from it quoting its title, but without making the link to the forum :

Soon after my tweet the content changed and it was replaced with some videos. Later, the site became full of ads.  I had saved the webpage in June and a screenshot of it reveals its content at the time :

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 21.55.54

Why would Mark create such website and post such dramatic content in it is anyones guess. I don’t  have any answers. But there is one thing clear to me always as far as the operation of the forum and its staff, that not all is what it seems and I am now looking at this content under this prism.