Overview of the pseudo #WikiLeaks Forum creation and operation 2010 to March 2014

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WikiLeaks is a publishing organisation shining truth to the murky corners of powerful governments and private corporations. Wikileaks-forum.com website has nothing to do with the heroic organisation whose name it brandishes. It is time for this perceived association to come to an end. It is time for their name and logos not be used and abused by Mark Goeder-Tarant (MGT) or whoever owns and controls the forum and the social media platforms controlled by him. WikiLeaks its supporters and the general public deserve protection from attacks at social media by an entity disguised with the ‘WikiLeaks brand’ as friendly when in fact, it is aggressively reactionary to support work, actively subverting it, smearing the organisation and acting fraudulently.

The creation of the Forum:

Mark Pickett or Goeder, or Goeder-Tarant (MGT) and Sigurdur Thordarson (ST)(Sigurður Ingi Þórðarson) alias Q alias Siggi alias PenguinX, set up The WikiLeaks-Forum.com together in February 2011. It is a self professed fact that Siggi became a paid FBI informant. The collaboration had started earlier during 2010 with ST giving MGT access to WikiLeaks Social Media platforms that he was involved in as a volunteer. Most prominently ST made MGT moderator at the WikiLeaks Facebook Page Discussion Forum. This was consequently closed down causing much consternation among participants, to give way to a dedicated website, wikileaks-forum.com, for discussing and supporting WL on line, owned by MGT.

Their early co-operation in the creation of the forum website, led to a Twitter account, and numerous Facebook pages springing up clothed in WikiLeaks regalia: name, logos, content and a blog: Support-Julian-Assange.com. They invited people to join on 02/03/2011. Hundreds of members of the public became members of the forum and, over a time, a few dozen volunteered to act as mods/admins assisting in running it.  Whether they came from Facebook, Twitter, from Support-Julian-Assange blog or a google search, everyone believed it to be a genuinely supportive site. It was listed as such by WikiLeaks.org website, in their supporters section. Reality was very different. A few months after the forum was set up, it became evident that Sigurdur Thordarson was not a trusted volunteer and he “left” the forum September/October 2011.

Mark going solo:

It was in September 2011 that MGT was to advertise the sale of the forum to the highest bidder for the first time. In private talks, he expressed that the forum was taking a toll on his personal life, he wished to sell it to an appropriate buyer or the press, a figure of half a million pounds was mentioned, and he could then retire and look after his family. Several other WikiLeaks supporters’ Platforms populated momentarily dedicated self moderated Boards at the forum. Furthermore, MGT continued to be active in the WikiLeaks Facebook Page he had been given access by ST, posting links from the forum. MGT treated the page as a personal channel to status and potential income, as if his position and work on WikiLeaks Facebook page deserved recompense. For example he promoted the forum’s volunteer translation project 17 times during April 2012 accommodating nicely his own personal interests. Consequently, he was removed as admin for the WL FB page in the Summer 2012. MGT indicated that WL had not endorsed the forum after all.

Openly anti-WikiLeaks:

From that point onwards he stopped supporting WikiLeaks and Julian Assange but retained and operated the platforms under his control in a systematic and persistent attempt to subvert support towards the organisation whose name and logos he still brandished. Starting from July 2012, after the Release by WikiLeaks of the Syria Files, he openly expressed among “Forum Staff” his opposition to this release branding Julian Assange an agent of the West trying to destabilise Middle East and impose regime change favouring the Muslim Brotherhood. Furthermore, he stated that Julian Assange should go to Sweden to face the allegations against him as he was in no more danger to being extradited to the US from Sweden than from the UK.  The twitter account started following “The Objectiviser”. In a series of posts shared at the Forum’s Facebook Staff Room he accused WikiLeaks of being a cult, of misrepresenting the facts of the Ecuadorian Embassy seize by the police, twisting the truth, and privately expressed contempt for many of the people involved. His change was so sudden and complete, his claims so extraordinarily absurd that created a strong reaction even among ‘Forum Staff’.

The effect of his change was profound.

Some mods/admins immediately adopted his stance, and remain active by his side to this day. Other ‘staff’ as well as members left immediately sounding the bell of alarm, mostly through Twitter or engaged in debates in forum threads. The new direction of being ‘objective’, non aligned came into conflict with the notion of being a supportive site, alienating and confusing members and mods, causing a mass exodus in late August/September 2012. Many wondered what was going on at the ‘wikileaks-forum.

In late August the WikiLeaks Facebook Page stopped linking to the forum. On the 26/08/2012 would be the third time that MGT advertised the forum and all associated platforms for sale to the highest bidder, but still, it appears that he continued its operation. He got rid of the word ‘Official’ from the title page, publicly distanced the forum from WikiLeaks, removed ‘Other Supporters Platforms Board‘, amended the mission statement and invited the known anti-WikiLeaks persona “The Objectiviser” to have and moderate his own board at the forum. This persona was the admin at the Wikiwatcher.com website a well known anti-WL site owned by Alan Taylor of the PGP Board, another anti-WL operator who in 2010 had tried to present in his own forum a group called ‘the Wikileaks insiders’ as a group of nameless but credible WL/JA critics https://archive.today/3Kz3z . In his board ‘The Objectiviser’ was re-producing smearing and critical material that came from http://www.wikiwatch.org.uk .

The Mods at the wikileaks-forum website who adopted the new direction were rewarded by becoming Admins. In the course of Autumn 2012 more people within the community denounced the forum and in October 2012 it momentarily closed and was re-launched “under new ownership”. David Viaine (Pathios), days before becoming the new ‘owner’, had written the very telling blogpost “The day WikiLeaks died for me” and the re-launch, despite having wiped off “The Objectiviser” Board, it continued its anti-WikiLeaks stand. Around that time the twitter account followers suddenly doubled overnight, they were obviously fake. In fact the ownership of the forum (domain name) had never changed hands, it was all a front and David Viaine quit his involvement in January 2013 siting differences in politics and management style.


On the 17/01/2013, MGT deleted The Syria Files Board. A forum statement claimed that the “Syria Files” release would “support the destruction of an elected government” and stated that “our conscience won’t allow us to be a part of a propaganda war against a sovereign state.” The following day 18/01/2013 the WikiLeaks.org supporters page showed an update that remains to this day:

“The “WikiLeaks Forum” is not run or endorsed by WikiLeaks and has no connection to WikiLeaks whatsoever.”

The dis-endorsement was presented by MGT as an attack and an effort to deny that although MGT was the owner, Sigurdur Thordarson as a WikiLeaks volunteer had co-founded it and therefore gave it legitimacy, irrelevant of how WikiLeaks viewed it. To support this, on 26/01/2013 a post that had been written by “Q”, Siggi’s forum nick, before he left, (date unknown), and was originally for the eyes of Forum admins only, was published by admin Anon1984 at the forum.

Under secret ownership:

On 01/02/2013 new ownership was announced that remained a secret. It was around the same time that information was coming to light in press reports concerning FBI’s activities in Iceland and WikiLeaks in their 07/02/2013 editorial “Eight FBI agents conduct interrogation in Iceland in relation to ongoing U.S. investigation of WikiLeaks” without mentioning Siggi by name, offered enough information to identify him as the young person who was in contact with the FBI. It ends with the words:

“There is strong indication that the FBI used a combination of coercion and payments to pressure the young man to co-operate.”

In July 2013 MGT re-published Q’s earlier post amidst revelations in the press by ST himself that he was a paid FBI informant. In August 2013 ST returned to the forum with an account and posted a statement outlining his involvement in its creation. MGT stood by ST and in discussion threads among the admins and their other handles, supported ST’s claims and assertions, again presenting ST association with the origins of the forum as legitimising it. The bullying exhibited by MGT from the creation of the forum as an Admin towards members, mods and admins that expressed different opinions, now exhibited itself in crude and rude attacks towards WikiLeaks and supporters via the forum’s twitter account and forum threads throughout the later part of 2012 and 2013. As the year went by the relentless attacks intensified against WL/JA supporters as well as the newly fledged WikiLeaks Party.

In September, despite all the evidence to the contrary, MGT re-named the forum to WikiLeaks Supporters Forum mirroring the title of a rival forum that had started earlier in the year, adding them to the long list of people to attack.

After the failure to establish a Wikipedia Page, in October 2013 a forum post ‘Facts about the WikiLeaks Forum‘ was published, laden with wilful distortions of facts. It was  spread around through MGT controlled social media platforms to over 15,000 member’s e-mail accounts, 180,000 Facebook news feeds, in Twitter, as well as posted at the Support-Julian-Assange blog. It was translated in various languages and quoted again and again.Among other inaccuracies, It wrongly claimed that WL had dis-endorsed the forum as a result of a refusal by MGT to share members’ e-mails with WL for the purpose of a call to join wlfriends.

On the topic of Finance, no mention was made to the Forum’s Donation button and the members’ financial contributions to MGT, neither was any mention of income generated by the sale of back links, footer links, or any other Search Engine Optimisation income generating tools and techniques, MGT’s expertise. Whether the new owner had paid for the site, remains a mystery. Soon after that a letter by ‘Friends of WikiLeaks’ circulated among the community of supporters warning that the forum had turned anti-WikiLeaks.  The WLF response was a most bizarre piece of theatre that ever existed. One of the MGT controlled Facebook Pages named FoWL (Friends of WikiLeaks), run by Jerry Barney a loyal MGT admin posted an open Letter of Apology to all those who had received the Warning Letter.  Purchased Facebook Likes were employed to give the appearance that such theatrics met with the approval of the public.

Such subversion techniques can only be remotely effective in creating Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt when the line between fact and fiction is disguised. MGT’s social media platforms are perfectly disguised in WikiLeaks brand, names, logos and a myriad of relevant content, in the form of articles about WL and JA collected from the internet and inserted into all the platforms like a well organised URL/link farm operation bringing traffic into a website.

WikiLeaks: ‘wikileaks-forum is a fraud’:

In response, and for the very first time, WikiLeaks tweeted several messages through Oct/Nov and Dec 2013 on the subject that left no room for doubt.  WLF and platforms controlled by MGT have nothing to do with WikiLeaks, they are a fraud on the public, they are e-mail harvesters. Since then the attacks against WL intensified further with posts like  ‘Never mind the FBI, Assange is the Forums biggest troll‘. In 2014 new evidence has come to light that ‘forum staff’ have spoilt an Avaaz petition with over 2300 signatories subverting support for Julian Assange further turning it into a tool to bully and defame supporters. Steps were also taken to populate #taiji #seashepherd twitter hashtags through a new Sea Shepherd forum Board as a means of infiltrating potential support base for the WikiLeaks Party. Further concerns exist that WLF is using the WikiLeaks name and logos to deceive not only the support base but also the general public and media by dabbling in WikiLeaks publishing work, soliciting submissions and benefiting in higher web traffic through the perceived association its name creates. The wikileaks-forum.com website turned into the most dangerous tool for anti-WikiLeaks operators because thousands of social media users and even journalists still confuse it and it’s numerous Facebook pages with WikiLeaks. Action must be taken to stop this fraud.

Chronological List of the WikiLeaks- Forum Creation and Operation

1 Support-Julian-Assange.com Forum Registration: 01/12/2010 http://archive.is/c5oPl and http://archive.is/krLUu
2 Support-Julian-Assange.com Launch: December 2010 http://web.archive.org/web/20101227160622/http://www.support-julian-assange.com/
3 MGT made Admin at WL FB page to help at FB forum as Admin/Moderator late 2010/early 2011
4 Forum Registration date: 09/02/2011 and ownership whois: http://archive.today/RhvDb
5 Forum Launch day: 02/03/2011
6 WikiLeaks Facebook Page (Admins Sigurdun Thordarsson and MGT) invited people to register and post at the forum 02/03/2011 http://archive.is/qdjQS
7 Closure of WikiLeaks Facebook Page forum 01/04/2011
8 Conversation about the WikiLeaks Facebook Discussion Forum March 2014 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-vE
9 WikiLeaks Twitter Feed gave forum’s URL 24/05/2011
10 Closure of Support-Julian-Assange Forum between 17/04/2011-19/05/2011
11 Forum Facebook Page launch: 27/05/2011 (started: 16/03/2011) http://archive.is/D7bsF
12 Forum Twitter Account launch: 01/06/2011
13 Forum momentary being hosted by David Viaine (Pathios) 02/09/2011-17/09/2011 Owner of : http://wikileaks.za.org @safrikaan http://archive.is/1lxip & http://archive.is/2V7vC
14 Departure of Sigurdun Thordarsson from forum Sep/Oct 2011
15 Forum for Sale Advertising: 07/09/2011 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-m8
16 Departure from Mods/Admin Lounge and creation of FB Group page October 2011
17 Forum for Sale Advertising: 14/11/2011 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-mo
18 Selling 2 to 3 Footer Links on Forum 15/12/2011 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-mu
19 Creation of various WLF controlled FB pages
Sunshine Press: https://www.facebook.com/WikiLeaks.SunshinePress created 04/08/2010 (later controlled by MGT) http://archive.is/lTzKn
WL Discussion Forum Germany https://www.facebook.com/wikileaksdeutschland 11/12/2010 (taken over by MGT) http://archive.is/AfZjM
Cablegate: https://www.facebook.com/wikileakscablegate 10/06/2011 http://archive.is/S4l44
GIFiles: https://www.facebook.com/WikiLeaksTheGlobalIntelligenceFiles 27/02/2012 http://archive.is/1BjmA
FOWL: https://www.facebook.com/WikiLeaks.
FoWl 11/04/2012 http://archive.is/KHD4h
FOWL: https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfWikileaksFowl 20/06/2012 http://archive.is/si4fJ
The Syria Files: July 2012 (now deleted) The Kissinger Files: https://www.facebook.com/WikileaksPlusD
The Kissinger Cables 08/04/2013 http://archive.is/v6pEo
The WikiLeaks Supporters Forum Open Page https://www.facebook.com/wikileakssupportersforum 01/09/2013 http://archive.is/lvygJ
The WikiLeaks Forum: 27/05/2011 (started: 16/03/2011) http://archive.is/D7bsF
20 Why Facebook pages controlled by MGT are inauthentic 15/10/2013 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-gN
21 Other WikiLeaks Platforms Board’ opened at the forum Nov 2011 MCetera Nov 2011, WikiLeaks-Press Nov 2011, WLCentral Nov 2011, BradleyManning.org Dec 2011, Cabledrummer Feb 2012, FoWL May 2012,http://archive.is/N9qVX Christine’s Voice May 2012
22 Volunteer Translation Project 08/04/2012
23 Mark loses WL FB Admin role Summer 2012
24 Al Manar: lies and manipulation to bully and further MGT’s interest May 2012 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-lB and http://wp.me/p2MRYW-l9 and http://wp.me/p2MRYW-lg
25 Forum server moves from US (Hostgator) to Germany (Alfahosting.de) 17 June 2012
26 Donation button inserted 08/06/2012, No mention in the ‘Facts about the forum’ post: http://wp.me/p2MRYW-gv
27 MGT dabling in ‘WikiLeaks work’ 25/06/2012 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-gK and Tweet: https://archive.is/qZfZs#selection-1127.38-1127.63
28 Forum turning anti-WL/JA mass exodus August/September 2012
29 Forum twitter account following ‘The Objectiviser’ and reactions among ‘staff’ 14/08/2012: http://wp.me/p2MRYW-f
30 The WLF twitter account attacking @Jaraparila , MGT claim there was no police raid at EE: 18/08/2012 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-p
31 MGT apologies to Mods/Admins about his recent tweets 22/08/2012 : http://wp.me/p2MRYW-v
32 At the WikiLeaks Forum Facebook Staff Room and beyond 22/08/2012 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-11
33 Example of a non supportive post: ‘Assange is in no greater danger of being Extradited from Sweden than from the UK’ 20/08/2012: http://archive.is/oTb8w & http://archive.is/b0ZZE
34 Other WikiLeaks Platforms Board’ closed 24/08/2012 http://archive.is/KNOn4 all Sub-Boards removed apart from MCetera that moved under WikiLeaks Supporters Projects Board, Cabledrummer Board had been deleted May2012.
35 Forum for Sale Advertising: 26/08/2012 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-j4
36 In effect no longer a supporters’ site ‘not taking sides’ 27/08/2012 http://archive.is/m2psI
37 Forum admin ‘Ariana’ @r0te_zora /Jasminka Odrljin and close friend of owner MGT tweet compares Assange to Kim Il-Sung 22/08/2012: http://www.cabledrum.net/news/wlf_turnabout
38 Don’t Call Me a Rape Apologist 30/08/2012 http://archive.is/3RrUJ
39 Forum Distances itself from WL comments 13/09/2012 http://archive.is/bizLk
40 Some reactions from WL supporters: 19/09/2012 http://www.cabledrum.net/news/wlf_warning
41 Forum name changes The Official WikiLeaks Forum 02/03/2011 The WikiLeaks Discussion Forum 27/08/2012 http://archive.is/m2psI The WikiLeaks Supporters Forum Sep 2013
42 Forum invites anti-WL ‘The Objectiviser’ to come and post at the Forum 29/08/2012 http://archive.is/ZtZL4 and http://archive.is/BA4tb
43 ‘The Objectiviser’ is Admin at Wikiwatcher that is owned by Alan Taylor of the PGPBoard http://archive.is/8huhn & http://archive.is/VizNY and http://archive.is/kDa8Y andhttp://archive.is/OUIJD
44 ‘The Objectiviser’ getting their own forum board 06/09/2012 http://archive.is/dOikw
45 The forum thanking ‘The Objectiviser’: 25/09/2012 http://archive.is/mkT4b
46 Forum pushes the line: Assange is charged in Sweden 19/09/2012 http://archive.is/d7ooq and http://archive.is/A5H6M
47 Statement concerning the owner of WikiLeaks-Forum 19/09/2012: http://www.cabledrum.net/news/wlf_warning
48 The Forum Admin breaking up with ‘The Objectiviser’/Wikiwatcher: 15/10/2012 http://archive.is/7EAtB
49 Forum announcing it is closing down: 13/10/2012 http://archive.is/szeyJ
50 Forum Website/Support-Julian-Assange Blog/Twitter/Facebook closing down 14/10/2012
51 The Forum has a new ‘Owner’ called ‘Pathios’: 16/10/2012 http://archive.is/aht9E
52 Owner of: http://wikileaks.za.org David Viaine of ‘The Day WL died for me’ 15/10/2012 http://archive.is/imAg8 and ‘Launching something exciting’ 16/10/2012 http://archive.is/rfr1l @safrikaan becomes new ‘owner’
53 Forum re-opening 17/10/2012 http://archive.is/0a7jC (without ‘The Objectiviser Board’- The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.)  https://archive.today/ZjQF0 Note: even the Wayback Machive records of the existance of the Objectiviser Board have been wiped clean. All screenshots between 29th August and Mid October re-direct to August 2012.
54 The New Owner ‘Pathios’ 17/10/2012 Introduces himself: http://archive.is/vkaB4 and http://archive.is/XjMD4 and convo with exiled surfer: http://archive.is/9yUsu
55 Support Julian Assange dot com re-opening 21/10/2012 http://archive.is/amxio
56 Purchase of Twitter Followers (fake) end of 2012 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-gm
57 The new definition of “Open” debate as defined by WikiLeaks 02/01/2013http://archive.is/XeSia and http://archive.is/xiOOs
58 Openleaks or someone pretending to be them, posts at the forum 09/01/2013 http://archive.is/c7NUu but maybe not real http://archive.is/YiLxR
59 ‘Pathios’ ‘ownership’ ends 20/01/2013 (Does the WLF have spam spyware) http://archive.is/isfX6 & Further admissions http://archive.is/WUhce Twitter Announcement: http://archive.is/afrRD
60 Censorship of Syrian Board 16/01/2013 http://archive.is/5Ss5y
61 Forum post announcing Syria Files Board censorship: 17/01/2013 http://archive.is/MDV5Q, Way back machine 17/01/2013 http://web.archive.org/web/20130117203111/http://www.wikileaks-forum.com/index.php
62 WikiLeaks dis-endorses forum 18/01/2013 http://archive.is/lHZ9J and http://web.archive.org/web/20130115111754/http://wikileaks.org/Supporters.html
63 New forum ownership (again) 01/02/2013 clouded in secrecy: http://archive.is/QQ083
64 WikiLeaks Editorial on FBI 07/02/2013 https://wikileaks.org/Eight-FBI-agents-conduct.html
65 Anon1984 posts about Sigurdun Thordarsson’s role at the forum 26/01/2013 by http://archive.is/3gie2 and http://archive.is/UljtS
66 WikiLeaks-Forum: Smoke and Mirrors 27/01/2013: http://www.cabledrum.net/news/wlf_smokeandmirrors
67 A very public dramatic statement on MGT’s personal website http://wp.me/p2MRYW-pZ 68 Claim that ‘The WikiLeaks Forum was created by a group of volunteers together with Sigurdur Thordarson from WikiLeaks” 27/06/2013 http://archive.is/1ooSI
69 Bullying WL Supporters includes lies and wasting police time 07/07/2013 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-hp
70 MGT posts about Sigurdun Thordarsson’s role at the forum 09/07/2013 http://archive.is/zYyJM
71 Sigurdun Thordarsson posts about his role at the forum 09/08/2013: http://archive.is/914uL and http://archive.is/EpJCv and http://archive.is/QsHpK & http://archive.is/HqEMc
72 Further forum announcement on Syria Board 20/08/2013: http://archive.is/4XWkD
73 Forum post about “WLF does not require endorsement”: 30/09/2013 http://archive.is/qTYTh
74 WikiLeaks FB page un-likes Wikileaks forum FB Page and Mark controlled FB pages Autumn 2013
75 Friends of WikiLeaks Warning Letter: Forum cannot be trusted: 14/10/2013 http://wlcentral.org/node/2900
76 Purchase of Facebook Likes 07/10/2013 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-hO
77 Attempt to start Wikipedia page for WikiLeaks Forum 27/09/2013 Rejection 05/10/2013 https://archive.is/gkmwk http://archive.is/GcQyj
78 Attempt to create a Wikipedia page for Sigurdun Thordarsson by the same person http://archive.is/l5r6a
79 Forum post: ‘Facts about the Forum’ 07/10/2013 http://archive.is/s9DTo
80 Forum faking Facebook ‘Likes’ 07/10/2013: http://wp.me/p2MRYW-hO
81 WikiLeaks Tweets about WLF /SJA / FoWL Facebook pages etc. being inauthentic and a fraud. 07/10/2013: http://archive.is/jjRmW 31/10/2013: http://archive.is/NbexJ 12/11/2013: http://archive.is/w2HMG 06/12/2013: http://archive.is/f1C38 09/03/2014: http://archive.is/RCYpi
82 WikiLeaks Supporters and the Importance of being “Endorsed” by Julian Assange 21/10/2013 http://archive.is/hdsnU 83 Forum post: “Never mind the FBI, Assange is the Forums biggest troll” 09/12/2013: http://archive.is/nrvjK 84 Is Mark Goeder-Tarant from the pseudo-#Wikileaks-Forum dabbling at WikiLeaks work again? 30/12/2013 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-qW
85 Warning: The WikiLeaks Forum can not be trusted January 2014 http://www.cabledrum.net/wlf_warning.html
86 A spoilt Avaaz petition in support of JA back in 2012 gives an insight on the powers that pull WLF strings February 2014 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-sO and http://wp.me/p2MRYW-sM
87 Forum populates #Taiji and #SeaShepherd hashtags Feb/March 2014 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-sa
88 WikiLeaks-Forum Who is Who 21/03/2014: http://www.cabledrum.net/news/wlf_whoiswho 89 WLF Twitter account loses its ‘Walk like an Egyptian artwork’: 25/03/2014 http://archive.is/sSLZb
90 Some historic forum e-mail addresses: thewikileaksforum@gmail.com, admin@wikileaks-forum.com, wikileaksforum@riseup.net, z@wikileaks.de, forum@wikileaks.de, mark@43a.de
91 Origin of the idea of WikiLeaks http://archive.is/l6vh5, http://archive.is/hC8aX,http://archive.is/T47MZ, http://archive.is/2qpSx
92 Amidst lies a truthful admission. Jerri Barney admits she wrote the ‘FoWL Letter of Apology’ 30/04/2014 http://archive.today/8GHPv and http://archive.today/cX4cO and http://archive.today/BB1W6 93 A website that hypocritically claims it supports WL when in fact it does not. One more for the record May 2014: http://archive.today/qhDmt
94 Google+ page 04/05/2014: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+WikileaksforumOfficial/about
95 Further anti-JA comments 08/05/2014:http://archive.today/9eYFB and http://archive.today/9GbxA
96 Alan Taylor of PGB Board (WikiWatcher) joins the forum with his own board: 27/06/2014 https://archive.today/4K6ju and https://archive.today/0V2Vn and https://archive.today/bArfe and https://archive.today/juSMm
97 Marc Scheidt (@edballerz), admin of pseudo @wikileaks_forum: “Only a dead Assange is a good Assange” https://archive.today/zWiy7
98 Who are @asherahresearch https://archive.today/bAFVw https://archive.today/r4cJe 99 Hazel Press exposes Alan Taylor’s lies https://archive.today/T2Fye
100 Cabledrum reveals Forum’s Donation Button now connected to Silke Tarant, Mark Goeder-Tarant’s wife https://twitter.com/Cabledrummer/status/486167303483297793
101 Cabledrum exposes Number of deleted accounts including banned members, spam accounts deletions etc. https://archive.today/1i8wl
102 Fake Forum accounts created for Emilia Butlin and Leon Becker as Forum Administrators 04/07/2014.
103 Was Mark Goeder Tarant Siggi’s ‘advisor’ negotiating immunity from FBI? or whole notion is misinformation? https://archive.today/IGQPX
104 6/09/2014 WLF Twitter account defines time period that MGT posted on WL FB Page Mar 2011-Sep 2012 and states reasons given by WL for why MGT was removed by WL https://archive.today/PM7Be and https://archive.today/dcEbz
105 06/09/2014, WLF Twitter states MGT took over Cablegate FB page https://archive.today/N0wEc
106 06/09/2014, WLF claims of audience reach Forum,Twitter, Facebook https://archive.today/tbf4b and what we know about • “Ability to artificially increase traffic to a website” (GATEWAY) and “ability to inflate page views on websites” (SLIPSTREAM) https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/07/14/manipulating-online-polls-ways-british-spies-seek-control-internet/ archived here: https://archive.today/axt7t
107 The #Wikileaks Forum home Workstation (sick joke) displaying guns https://archive.today/b0tiZ
108 The WikiLeaks forum twitter account hates Assange May 2014: https://archive.today/YyAuv
109 October 2013 Birgitta Jonsdottir trusts MGT https://archive.today/szgEx and copies his tactics http://archive.is/d4hwL
110 Siggi “The Hacker” ad­mits guilty to all charges https://archive.today/yBIPd#selection-2277.0-2277.48
111 Siggi is sentenced to 2 years imprisonment https://archive.today/Pb5hE and in English https://archive.today/gq51q
112 Via ‏@Cabledrummer Dec 21 .@wikileaks_forum is now hosted by @OVH More: https://www.cabledrum.net/news/wlf_whoiswho archived here https://archive.today/WUYz6
113 The twitter account: https://archive.today/Fgs0c https://archive.today/gFNBx https://archive.today/iK7CV
114 Mark Goeder-Tarant on Sigurdur Thordarson, co-founder of @wikileaks_forum https://archive.today/Zs5OH#selection-473.0-466.4
115 Mark Goeder-Tarant requests Google to remove Cabledrum.net URLs https://archive.today/yaCKZ#
116 MGT’s Attempt to entrap – Phonecall https://www.cabledrum.net/news/wlf_call & https://archive.today/EY24i
117 Mark Goeder Tarant still operating fake WLF Twitter account February 2014https://archive.is/MIjNY
118 Evidence of MGT Fake operation sites https://www.cabledrum.net/news/mgt_hosting
119 @wikileaks_forum Twitter Account was suspended by twitter between 01/09/2015- 10/09/2015 as a result of a targeted harassment complaint by @myoviridae Case – 20900839 returning timeline: https://archive.is/hTSUA
120 FWLF builds up Christine Ann Sands profile as a WL supporter https://archive.is/Umd4t
121 Mark Goeder Tarant feeds ‘a Leak’ to James Ball of Buzzfeed https://archive.is/Zcz1G
122 The new fake forum follower Louise Mensch https://archive.is/t3XGW
123 Libelous Tweets https://archive.is/c4ffu
124 Deviant Art Page for Mark Goeder Tarant/ Soul Assassin http://archive.is/f2mbM
125 Full Dox MGT http://archive.is/Tfsk6
126 MGT buys domain name for Renderland http://archive.is/FNvj4
127 MGT attempts to censor Cabledrum :http://archive.is/yaCKZ
128 MGT’s Paypal account e-mail http://www.cabledrum.net/images/wlf_paypal and archived here:https://archive.is/cxoOf
129 Sample signature of MGT http://wp.me/p2MRYW-yt
130 Fake @wikileaks_forum leaving twitter? http://archive.is/TEEOs http://archive.is/9izYR http://archive.is/qhTej http://archive.is/ks718
131 Last archived Twitter timeline http://archive.is/VOeBz http://archive.is/G5ALr
132 Current Twitter search ‘Page does not exist’ http://archive.is/v88I7
133 The fake wikileaks forum Facebook page still active http://archive.is/oaPtE
134 Twitter Account momentarily re-activated to reply to WikiLeaks
http://archive.is/0VVrI http://archive.is/GODab
135 Forum Announcement about de-activation of the @wikileaks_forum twitter account http://archive.is/TecvP
136 Again Current Twitter page does not exist:http://archive.is/iaqP
137 WikiLeaks Facebook Page answers questions about the new forum at www. wikileaks-forum.com at the time Siggi and Mark Goeder Tarant form part of the Facebook Pages Administrators http://archive.is/RBAwX
138 Strange Thread Deletions on this Discussion Board – Mark Goeder Tarant provides all the answers.http://archive.is/PUXDe
139 MGT re-activates Forum’s Twitter account for a day 28/02/2016 http://archive.is/zo67s
140 MGT de-activates Fake Forum’s Twitter account http://archive.is/QoPop and http://archive.is/kmED7
141 @supportJAdotcom promises to be back http://archive.is/XtQ4b
142 Status of twitter account @wikileaks_forum changed from ‘deactivated’ to ‘suspended’ http://archive.is/IdBPz
143 Sandra K Eckersley advertising the Fake wikileaks-forum.com Facebook page: http://archive.is/q2HJe
144 MGT 2014 complaint to Cabledrum.net registrar about ‘whoiswho’ http://archive.is/MMyPR
145 MGT 2015 Google request to remove information about him: http://archive.is/yaCKZ
146 MGT Reverse whois for mark@43a.de http://archive.is/z0eWD
150 OVH record of of Forum hosting register https://twitter.com/Cabledrummer/status/731522755250786304 http://archive.is/bB9lr
151 One of the last tweets of the fake forum’s twitter account: http://archive.is/rsyCf
152 Goeder-Tarant strives to cover up his track to wikileaks-forum https://www.cabledrum.net/news/mgt_twitter Archived here: http://archive.is/1dCMO
153 Impersonation website:http://archive.is/FNvj4 http://archive.is/dUnpT http://archive.is/slMgz
154 Archived Abuse http://archive.is/offset=30/wikileaks-forum.net
155 Archived Harassment against Cabledrummer http://archive.is/V6Bmh
156 X-web.org http://archive.is/3b5KA
157 The fake forum’s Rebel Mouse Account http://archive.is/am0Xc
158 The fake forum’s German account re-activates: http://archive.is/Gy2u4 impersonating cabledrum.net and media http://archive.is/a5bqr
159 Doxing me for the nth time http://archive.is/E47aE
160 The Fake Forum’s Wikileaks_Forum Reddit account http://archive.is/DYBUh, http://archive.is/f5hxZ
161 The Fake wikileaks forum facebook page changes logo to Hilary Clinton’s campaign logo: http://archive.is/LzzUn
162 Birgitta shares fake forum URLs http://archive.is/y2gr4
163 Why Is Facebook Propping Up A Fake WikiLeaks Misinformation Site? http://archive.is/9pmL8 http://imgur.com/a/7wfNQ http://archive.is/wkEQ6
164 Protest Facebook pages http://archive.is/npaM8 & http://archive.is/Qauez
165 Proof of ownership for wikileaks-forum.com via hosting company OVH (Silke Tarant Pays for the site) http://archive.is/qjnCi and MGT’s e-mail address.
166: Cabledrummer in Twitter http://archive.is/H2CN5
167: Jabber conversation btw MGT (Soul Assassin) and Thordarsson http://archive.is/Pqwvr 28 January 2011
168 http://archive.is/qhTej
169 MGT Signature https://archive.li/pdWix/e25dc9cf5ded70e43b41871040996f80cedb9d1e.png
170 MGT’s fake forum goes dark for a few days: http://archive.is/BiaZV June 2017 and back up again: http://archive.is/mvCfW (cleaning up whose footprints I wonder)
171 https://archive.fo/vjQ6i
172 20th of May 2018 on line here:http://archive.is/GgaRh but 24/05/2018 http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Iygqgk__vkYJ:www.wikileaks-forum.com/+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk or http://archive.is/W9ujB 25/05/2018 – off line
173 MGT sent hate mail made legal threats to Hazelpress http://archive.is/UBBUQ#selection-229.157-229.582
174 The fake forum comes back on line 19.07.2019 http://wp.me/p2MRYW-yt
175 The ex @supportjadotcom then @assangecritics account gets suspended in twitter 1.08.2019 – MGT’s prolific account. Last google cached http://archive.is/YdLTU