Update with #WL advise: Join Twitter Campaign to raise the legal plight of #Assange at the Parliamentary Debate for #EAW #10Nov2014

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Update 09/11/2014:

Boys and girls, our campaign has caught the attention of @WikiLeaks and this is what they advise:

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Let’s get to it:

In 140 characters: (thanking @JennyAnn67)

Pls (MP) raise case of Mr #Assange at Parliament on #EAW debate #10Nov2014 http://t.co/AVClKTDk9g https://t.co/Qacrws0hbx Thx!


Pls (MP) raise case of Mr #Assange at Parliamentary debate on #EAW #10Nov2014 http://t.co/AVClKTDk9g https://t.co/Qacrws0hbx Thx!


Pls (MP) Stop http://www.govwaste.co.uk raise #Assange case during #EAW debate, request questioning in Lon https://t.co/Qacrws0hbx Thx!

@stopEAWabuse & I are doing Conservative and ‘Other’ MPs between us.

If you are joining us go to http://tweetminster.co.uk/mps

and target Labour and Libdem MPs. Alternatively, follow on our footsteps with your own tweets.

Be Creative use the photos (take up about 23 characters) and add your own message under #EAW #Assange hashtags:

Screenshot 2014-11-09 17.25.08 Screenshot 2014-11-09 17.25.45

Join in and Enjoy! 🙂

Previously (08/11/2014):

In the next couple of Days @stopEAWabuse and myself (@greekemmy) shall be contacting in Twitter Members of Parliament to request they raise the legal plight of Julian Assange during the Parliamentary Debate about the European Arrest Warrant taking place on Monday 10th of November 2014.

If you wish to join us, you can find British MPs in Twitter at the following website:


Swedish prosecutor chose to raise a European Arrest Warrant which unchallenged led to a costly and lengthy Extradition process. Swedish prosecutor Marriane Ny rejected the use of Mutual Legal Assistance which would have given her every opportunity to question Julian Assange in London and expedite the case she has been handling. Four years later the case has remained at preliminary stage of investigation and has notoriously become a holding case for the WikiLeaks Editor in Chief. Julian Assange is in effect a Free Besieged within the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, unable to enjoy his political asylum. The Metropolitan Police is charged with operating a 24/7 surveillance operation surrounding the Embassy for more than two years, restricting the working life of WikiLeaks, with instructions to arrest him and imprison him for skipping his house arrest bail conditions that were put in place during the original Extradition process.

How can Justice go so wrong?

The European Arrest Warrant was supposed to expedite legal proceedings in terrorism cases post 9/11 it was not meant to make a circus of them and abuse the Human Rights of people within the European Union.

Stop the Abuse of EAW, raise the case of Julian Assange in Parliament on Monday 10th of November 2014 which debates opting out from the EAW and restoring more robust legal processes in Law enforcement and Legal co-operation procedures within the European Union.

Thanks for adding your voice!

Our resources:

1]. Open Letter to UK MPs: Julian #Assange and the Parliamentary debate on the European Arrest Warrant http://wp.me/p1rtyw-2dB #WikiLeaks

2]. The Monetary and Moral Cost of EAW today in the #Assange case http://www.govwaste.co.uk

3]. The Free #Assange Now Campaign http://www.freeassangenow.com

4]. The complete library of the Legal case of Sweden vs Assange with legal transcripts, rulings arguments and videos at http://www.justice4assange.com

5]. The Book Assange in Sweden at http://www.assangeinswedenbook.com