New Twitter Campaign for raising the Julian #Assange case in Parliament during #EAW Debate #19Nov2014

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Raising awareness of the Julian Assange case during the EAW debates in Britain.

A great number of WLsup took part in an on line campaign to raise the case of Julian Assange in Parliament for Monday’s debate, first by writing letters to their MPs, then taking the information campaign on Twitter were all MPs with twitter accounts registered in were contacted with information about JA’s legal plight with a request to raise it in Parliament Monday the 10th of November.

But the European Arrest Warrant Debate that was promised was not to be, read here how it descended into shambles, or here that the farce reveals the disgusting way in which Britain is governed. Still, our issue remains.

Labour, however, has said it will use an opposition day debate on 19 November to discuss and vote signing back up to the European Arrest Warrant. This is a new Opportunity to re-new our awareness campaign.

Despite the overwhelming political support for the EAW among UK political parties, we still have the opportunity to point out that #EAW is open to abuse and this has led to the violation of Julian Assange’s Human Rights. He has no Member of Parliament to represent his interests in the House, despite his case being one of the more contentious instances of the warrant’s use. He is also an Australian abandoned by his government. So let’s do our best in bringing attention to the violation of his rights, by making people aware in Twitter at the relevant hashtags #EAW #EUpol #UKpol #EUArrestWarrant

Human Rights Abuses:

EAW Abuse in the Assange case

EAW and Assange, recent Media Coverage:

Assange and the European Arrest Warrant

UK parliament backs anti-democratic European Arrest Warrant

A Defiant Ecuador Seeks Solutions in Assange Case

The siege of Julian Assange is a farce – a special investigation –

Current status of the ongoing Swedish Warrant Appeal:

Assange’s Legal Team in Sweden have challenged the Swedish Arrest Warrant in the summer and they are currently pursuing a case in the Swedish Appeal Court to have the local warrant rescinded. We should have news by Friday November 21st.

Our Campaign Resources


1]. The Economic and Moral Cost of Julian Assange’s detainment

2]. The UK gov would welcome a visit from the Swedish Prosecutor to question him in London:

3]. Frequently Asked questions:

4]. Write to your MP asking them to raise the issue in Parliament:

5]. “the new clause will ensure that, where a decision to charge and try is not taken, extradition cannot take place”

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Example Tweets < 140 characters:

Stop the #EUArrestWarrant abuse in #Assange case, raise issue in Parliament #19Nov2014 #EAW Debate

Julian #Assange never been charged, #EAW amendment says where a decision to charge and try is not taken, extradition cannot take place.

End the legal limbo now. Question Julian #Assange in London

Stop stop Julian #Assange’s  four year pre-trial detainment, question him in London

Baroness Helena Kennedy on #EAW. abuse in #Assange case

British Ruling on #Assange #EAW Sets Alarming Precedent for Judicial Independence in Europe #EUArrestWarrant

Shami Chakrabarti’s #EAW article in @Guardian is oddly being censored of comments re #Assange plight #UKPolitics

#EAW offers no consideration, no checks/balances re political persecution Thank god #Assange

The #EAW induced siege of Julian #Assange is a farce – a special investigation – and so say all of us!

The #EAW induced persecution of Julian #Assange must end. » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

The Julian #Assange case: a mockery of extradition? | Afua Hirsch #EAW #EUArrestWarrant

European Arrest Warrant: the device that Julian #Assange cannot beat #EAW #EUArrestWarrant

Update 03/12/2014

New Resource:

By @LobsterMagazine Nov 30

New essay. “Julian Assange and the European Arrest Warrant,” by Dr Bernard Porter:

The Julian Assange case: a mockery of extradition?