Google’s activities in Greece Question and Answer with Julian #Assange

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Google… as an information pied piper from defence contractor SAIC

On September 15, 2014 Julian Assange did an ‘Ask me Anything’ Question and Answer session at Reddit Discussion platform about his book “When Google Met WikiLeaks“.

I submitted a question which received an answer that I share below for the benefit of those politicians, business people as well as consumers of Google products, that are likely to come into contact with this multinational company in Greece.

His book reveals the close relationship between the US government and Google. His answer below leaves no doubt of the dark intentions of the organisation, describing Google reps as an information pied piper from defence contractor SAIC (now Leidos).

Find Original record at:


Pied piper:

SAIC (now Leidos) defence contractor:

For more see the video and Transcript here:

BBC Interview with Julian Assange Sep 2014 (video & Transcript)

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Article in Greek:

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