Julian Assange fears “death or being incommunicado” in the US – Transcript

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A Julian Assange interview with RTS and the Swiss Press, February 2015

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A: It’s been quite a lot of change in five years, putting it mildly. For WikiLeaks the organisation, extremely interesting period […] a lot to be proud of. We’ve managed to survive a quite serious battle with the United States, over our publications, and for me personally […] I’ve been detained now for almost five years in the United Kingdom without charge, and that’s been difficult period for me and my family. On the other hand, my work continues and WikiLeaks as an organisation continues.

A: It’s quite a surreal situation. There is various types of Lamborghinies, that occasionally go past with this new rich Arab class that lives in this part of London, even there are Felt, black felt Lamborghinies, gold Lamborghinies etc. But more, the biggest issue for us, is the surveillance of this embassy. The UK admits to spending more than £10 million now just on the police surveillance.

A: This one is occurring right now, yes most probably, we do see that there are surveillance teams in the buildings opposite, interestingly, you spoke about Harrods. Harrods is working in collaboration with the British survellance effort, where we have not only seen that personally, because we know, we can see [pointing] this building, that one there is owned by Harrods, that one there is owned by Harrods, but we managed to legally get out documentation from within Harrods proving this use of the Harrods buildings by the surveillance effort against this Embassy.

A: Let’s not think about that, but even getting doctors in is quite a difficult thing, and dentists, because they say their insurance does not cover Ecuador, if they are British doctors.

A: I think an arrangement with United States, if Hilary gets in, is quite unlikely. Hilary was Secretary of State during our big conflict and I think the US will probably thry to keep things going forever. That’s said we can, you know, increase the political cost for continuing on the investigation, but it’s in their nature to look like they never lose, similarly, here in the UK it’s going to require some kind of technical mechanism to avoid… saving face.

A: T Think there’d be change for everyone in a way that won’t be positive,having dealt with Hilary extensively. She is, you know, quite a hawkish, even a very hawkish figure, but, she is from the Democratic Party, so, she would eliminate the opposition that you would normally see in a Democratic party to a Republican figure as president, and so, that means there would be very little restraints in relation to the American adventurism that we’ve seen even in the last eight years under Obama.

A: It is something that is difficult for me. It is something that is much more difficult for my children and family members. In some ways, one must, if you believe in something, and you want to see it occur, you have to pay a price, just like if you want to buy a house, you have to pay a price, similarly, in political philosophy you must pay prices if you believe in something.

A: We live in a modern system. It is possible depending on the shifts in the US politics that I would be sentenced to death, probably not, but that does not mean there is a risk of a sort of living death. In the United States there is something called SAMS [Special Administrative Measures] and for National Security cases, they put people in SAMS restrictions which is, you are incommunicado detention. So even if you communicate something to the public through your lawyer the lawyer goes to prison and this has happened in the United States.

A: Of course one dreams about these kinds of things…you can make bets, like there is a betting agency… you can make bets whether I am going to leave in a helicopter or a tunnel or a car but actually we were joking about this, we should make some kind of investment fund cause if we can know how I will leave then we can rig the bet.


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