Mark Goeder Tarant’s anti- #WikiLeaks anti- #WLsup Operation intensifies on #Twitter (Update 15/03/2015)

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Post first published 13/03/2015

The new offensive by Mark Goeder Tarant against WikiLeaks in twitter includes misuse of Twitter Guideline Rules to file privacy complaints against the organisation and its supporters.

MGT founder and operator of the falsely advertised “The WikiLeaks Supporters Forum” at website has used the pseudo forum’s twitter account @wikileaks_forum to report to Twitter privacy violations he claimed were against Twitter Rules. He targeted @Cabledrummer first over the publication of this picture of himself from a year ago, in Frankfurt, where he was captured photographing people attending a protest against the dolphins’s slaughter in Taiji, Japan.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 17.48.49


This photo was cropped and circulated in February 2014 by @Cabledrummer account (long documenting the anti-WikiLeaks operation of the pseudo putting a face to a name to the shadowy owner of the pseudo forum. Soon after it was tweeted by Mark Goeder Tarant via the forum’s account with all the appropriate hashtags.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 18.01.55


MGT also posted it at the pseudo forum in an attempt to degrade and discredit @Cabledrummer as a stalker, claiming Cabledrummer had attended the event, stalked and photographed MGT. Stalking is a crime, falsely claiming someone has committed a crime is also a crime so almost a year ago Cabledrummer filed a criminal complaint with German Police who investigated the matter and referred it to a judge.  The definition of Boomerang?

Almost a year later determined to silence @Cabledrummer MGT falsely reported him for privacy violations. Remarkably Twitter permanently suspended @Cabledrummer. And I say remarkably because the photo is in public domain in FB public pages, as well videos of the whole event with MGT in it, for more than a year (see resources below).

In solidarity I changed my Avatar to a bunny. In vengeful glee MGT adopted the image for the forum’s twitter account Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 18.52.54


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 18.48.33


How long did it take him to realise he was breaking Twitter Copyright Rules himself and could be immediately suspended (as he had been suspended prior to loosing his previous Twitter background to violating Twitter copyright rules ), and he changed it back.

Here is a running account of who was targeted by this technique:

@Cabledrummer first suspended then un-suspended, followed by permanently suspended – un-suspended again. Then suspended again over new claim over supposedly violating Twitter privacy rules. 19/03/2015 Cabledrummer Unsuspended
@blumo0n – still suspended
@jaraparilla / @garymlord – suspended, now reinstated
@wikileaks – received suspending threat, defended by lawyers, it was dropped.
@BellaMagnani – suspended, now unsuspended.

Update Sat 14 March 2015:

These are the pseudo wikileaks_forum 10 tweets saying accounts have been reported to twitter :

@Cabledrummer 24/02/2015 2/03/2015
@blumo0n 24/02/2015
@Wikileaks 11/03/2015 12/03/2015
@BellaMagnani 11/03/2015
One of these not clear which: @AnnieDarkhorse @greekemmy @Cabledrum @wikileaks 11/03/2015
@iResist4Evr 11/03/2015
@jaraparilla 11/03/2015 and

@hazelpress 15/03/2015

Update Sunday 15th March 2015:

If you want to do somthing about the situation please support this petition:

“@Support Pls Investigate @ wikileaks_forum misuse of @Twitter Rules to harass #WLsup”
by signing with your twitter handle here


The famous public photo:
The pseudo-forum adopting CD bunny
Other public photos from the event:
MGT posting his image on the forum (now edited out:
The video MGT took on the day posted at his ‘forum’ now made private:
MGT and his helpers has lots to say about this post and what he is up to: and
And a video of the event: