Spoken for the People #Corbyn shows the lost true colours of #Labour

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After listening to the Jeremy Corbyn questions and answers during Prime Minister Question Time one can easily say that we finally live in interesting political times in Britain. Earlier in May we saw how SNP conquered 69 seats at Westminster releasing the dove of hope for an independent Scotland, an equal among equals on an equitable social manifesto in line with the values of the Scottish people on Health and Education to say the least. As if they blew the horn of assembly to their brothers in the South, the hopeful political change they expressed swept down and here we found the most unexpected Leader of the Opposition grabbing the tossed relay baton and running to the finishing line, a winner! 🙂

Labour have been given a tremendous opportunity and I wonder if they realise, all those comfortable with the Blaire governing establishment, so willing to yield power.

PASOK’s degenerate social democracy saw the party crumble from a whopping 43.92% in 2009 to a humiliating 4.68% in the January 2015 elections with people wondering if they make it into the next Parliament in the Sep 20th elections. There was no Jeremy Corbyn figure there to save the party. There, the party machine refused to budge in denouncing its heroes who delivered the reigns of power again and again intermittently over a period of almost 40 years. Yes Britain has its own currency and has the City but its public debt per capital is not that different than the one the Greek has been lumbered with.

The Labour file and rank, so power hungry can cross themselves. Jeremy Corbyn has jumped on the surfboard and instead of waterboarding him they should make waves and propel him on, he is the best chance of Labour to catch on with what the people of this country finally want: CHANGE 🙂

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Spoken for the People Jeremy Corbyn shows the lost true colours of Labour. His call has been answered because this is what the people wish to hear. Just as the 61% result in the Greek referendum proved, the people will chose hope and reject the MSM screaming untruths at them. Jeremy Corbyn is offering this hope for Labour and attempts to subvert his efforts will only subvert any chances Labour has in surviving in any future political arena.

Let’s hope for better things 🙂 Free Assange Now!