Mark Goeder Tarant owns fake site Support Julian

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Update June 2016:

Further evidence emerge in court:

Original Post:

Anyone currently visiting the site today:

would never have guessed that when it was launched by Mark Goeder Tarant in December 2010, when it convincingly presented itself as a genuine supportive site that attracted many volunteers to add to its content by posting in the blog roll or its forum.

After Mark Goeder Tarant dropped the mask of support in August 2012 and turned all his sites as channels of anti-WikiLeaks smears and harassment of WL supporters, the SJA site was starved of volunteers but remained online in its original format, till Sep 2015 when it was given a makeover.

Earlier that year in May 2015, and not for the first time, Mark boasted via his @Wikileaks_forum account:

A Search Engine Optimisation expert, the site’s owner could be proud of his achievement especially as in the very beginning of the launch the site was bomblinked possibly to affect Google Page Ranking as the following post eloquently illustrates:

And here is another resource providing the link between ‘Soul Assassin’ and Mark Goeder Tarant

For the slightly more tech savvy here is the excellent work by Cabledrummer proving exactly that point here:

So when we see:

We can recognise the deception and can name who is behind it. Let’s train our eyes to the #WLTrolls tactics who undermine our support work.