#UN WGAD #Assange Opinion, Who informs but who propagandises? Enter: James O’Brien

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A Tweet by James O’Brien prompted me to compare his work in interviewing Roland Adjovi for BBC ‘Newsnight’ to others who did the same. I invite you to compare and contrast the interviews and ask yourself, who informs through journalism and who propagandises. With reference to his tweet (see below) perhaps Mr O’Brien is more Russian than the Russians if we judge his propagandist performance at the BBC to the Ruptly (RT) interview below. Or perhaps he is simply…from Mars! 🙂

Professor Roland Adjovi on UN panel’s decision on Assange

Interview by Mike Walter from CCTV America:

Interview by James O’Brien of BBC Newsnight:

Interview by Ruptly:

Interview by United Nations Radio:

UN body says Wikileaks founder should be allowed to go free

The tweet in question: