Not in our name Marianne Ny – Sweden UK are helping the CIA

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Marianne Ny has today called for a press conference regarding ‘the Assange case’ she has got up in the morning, put her Perls and make up on, combed her hair, dressed and primed for her performance in front of the camera’s, she will speak in her native tongue of Swedish as if addressing her cultural allies, her people, she will speak but she will not dominate the narrative.

In her press conference, whatever she wants to convey, good news, bad news, no news, Marianne Ny has not served Justice for Assange or anyone else.

In the history of Justice she will remain “a persona non grata” an unacceptable or unwelcome person for using her position in the judiciary to persecute an innocent man. The depth and breadth of her power in delivering injustice and perverting the course of justice will for many years be studied in how wrong things can go when international and domestic politics and personal agenda’s give an individual in a position of power a free hand to exert it without any regard to humanity let alone Human Rights or a sense of justice that society accepts.

When though this is the case, that international and domestic politics and personal agenda’s conspire to crush an individual and the rest of society is watching in silence then the moral responsibility also lies in the shoulders of all.

We witness we see we read what for years now is being done to Assange in our name courtesy of Marianne Ny. We know US is after WikiLeaks, after Assange for his work. It is wrong! What do we do?

I ask you again, What do we do when Sweden and UK are helping the CIA?