Late December 2017 in the World of WikiLeaks and on the street that Julian Assange Lives a few notable events

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27th of December 2017

26th of December 2017

Wau Hau distances itself from Julian Assange

25th of December 2017

Julian Assange’s Twitter Account @julianassange ID no 388983706 briefly vanishes and re-appears

WikiLeaks Task Force comments on disappearance:

US Navy sends cryptic tweet containing only Julian Assange’s name

Original Photo captured:

US Navy Twitter account offers an explanation: and

24 of December 2017

Undercover police captured by video surveilling Ecuadorian Embassy

23rd December 2017

Christmas Solidarity Vigil for #WikiLeaks Julian #Assange Dec 23rd 2017

22nd of December 2017

Redacted Tonight: Congress Subpoenas Comedian In #WikiLeaks Witch-hunt @Credico2016

21st December 2017

Julian Assange: Use cryptocurrencies

WikiLeaks has been cut off by the Freedom of the Press Foundation

20th of December 2017

I am sharing in twitter that similar surveillance was witnessed back in Spring:

19th of December 2017

Three masked men dressed in black have broken into @WikiLeaks chief counsel Baltasar Garzón’s legal office.

18th of December 2017


17th of December 2017

Julian Assange Reveals “Amazing Plot By U.S. Intelligence” To Impose “Blockade” On WikiLeaks and

Christmas Vigil Call out:

15th of December 2017

Ecuador ratifies support for the human rights of Julian Assange

Assange Extradition May Be Prevented by WikiLeaks Media Ruling in UK

14th of December 2017

London Tribunal dismisses la Repubblica’s appeal to access the full file of Julian Assange

WikiLeaks recognised as a ‘media organisation’ by UK tribunal

Wait for it… Stand-up comic takes the Fifth in ‘Russiagate’ probe

New Venue!!! Julian #Assange Freedom of Information Tribunal – November 2017

At the UK #Assange #FOIA Tribunal 13-14 Nov. 2017 supporting Stefania Maurizi

Julian Assange welcomes UK ruling that WikiLeaks is a media organisation

10th of December 2017