#CoronaVirus Lockdown is an opportunity to skill up and intensify online support for Julian #Assange

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Dear Friends in the struggle to free Assange

Many are baffled on how to carry on our on the ground solidarity actions during lockdown due the pandemic of Corona Virus, here are some thoughts. Here are some thoughts I shared on twitter:

Some thoughts: Instead of boiling in our own juices with rage for the cancellation of our on the ground solidarity actions in support of Julian #Assange and #WikiLeaks due to the corona virus epidemic, let’s think outside the box and turn our actions online. What can one do?

1. Petitions, letter writing, twitter/facebook storms 2. turn the on the ground actions into online vigils in the wonderful tradition of unity4j they used http://zoom.com and livestreamed on youtube. SKILL UP organisers, skill up and go viral online.

Once up on a time the ethers were made for geeks alone, well not any more! Let’s have virtual #candles4assange Globally as we have been having on the ground. The most important asset we have due to lockdown is TIME, let’s put it to good use!

3. Organise your own on line group based on the group you’ve got on the ground and find your own format of demo/protest/vigil, keep the flame of candles4assange alive during lockdown.

4. Stream a chosen interview JA gave (hundreds on line) and stage an online discussion via http://zoom.com or any other video conferencing app you can get hold off. Do a live podcast. It does not have to be perfect!!!!! try and learn from trying.

5. Organise/Mobilise cross country based on timezones so it is easy to congregate. Reach out to people across borders, get to know who is who, organise common online actions. We already do so on Signal and Whatsup chats, twitter & facebook pages.

Let’s take it further & have online conferences of solidarity activists. Don’t wait for an invitation ladies & gents make it happen! Don’t do 1, do a 100 as and when you can link up, 1st by country then across borders. #CoronaVirus cannot stop our virtual travels 🙂

Let us not forget #Assange our man in Belmarsh, he is one of us! and whilst he is dying in there we cannot rest, let’s channel our time and frustration in creative ways in our virtual and social media lives, educate ourselves in the process, skill up, go forward.

Whenever we can organise innovative safe actions on the ground will continue to do so, Truman Human suggested a car parade & honking action, I love it! Let’s think outside the box and keep enjoying our solidarity actions 🙂