The fake Official WikiLeaks Forum Twitter Account Misbehaving 14.08.2012

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Greek Emmy
who is this : Objectiviser @objectiviser”Trying to squeeze the hype through a sieve to filter out the nuggets of fact. Trying to keep my feed tight so I follow/unfollow :)”that wikileaks tweeter account is now following? they seem to be anti-WL and why do we have to pick a fight with Jaraparilla on wikileaks_forum tweeter account? he is such a wonderful supporter. It makes me so sad :’-( , am I missing something? help please.

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    • Jerri Barney Objectiviser- I saw that too- no idea?
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    • Ma Rk Im trying to find the part where there is a fight beteen me/the forum / jaraparrila
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    • Jerri Barney From reading the blog it reminds me of sites like “” and such. Those are “teams” of people- staff of an org- not just one person. I don’t think any one person should be handing down judgments on such complex controversial issues- no one person can be completely objective.
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    • Ma Rk I dont see any fight. But I do hate it when ppl try to influence others by calling everything and everyone a ” troll ” for not agreeing on certain subjects. I think wikileaks supportes will suffer ont he whole if we aren ready to be tolerant and let everyone speak his/her mind without insulting them and I found Jaraparrila the most intolerant person I have ever met.
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    • Ma Rk Jarapirrial judges ppl by they willingness to support WikiLeaks. SOme of the peopel he is trashing are good old friends of mine, who like myself, tries to allow anyone at anytome to say what he feels.
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    • Greek Emmy ‎…but I don’t understand…why use the forum’s account… I thought we were supposed to just tweet forum stuff. Has something changed?
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    • Ma Rk

      nothing has canged emmy.I dont have a personal account , but even if I did, I would use my real name and the result would be the same. I can only speak for myself, but as a WikiLeaks supporter I dont like being dictated in regards to what

      I am allowed to say or do. I don’t want to belong to a group that blindly rolls over wen told to.As I stated, this is only my own opinion and at the same time it is everyones right to voice their own views in a contructive way. Abusing those who dont agree with the WikiLeaks idea or our own philosophy is counter productive and intolerant and once again I would like to point to our own ( forum ) mission statement:”Our aim is to create an open space for people to share their thoughts and ideas on Wikileaks and other topics.The Wikileaks Forum is an opportunity for its users to stay informed on the progress and actions of the organization and to show their support. The forum stands for the values Wikileaks has defended since its creation, such as freedom of speech and information. Those values are the founding principles of this forum and define the rules we have set and ask the users to respect.Wikileaks believes freedom of speech and freedom of information are paths toward improving the world we live in and those should in no way be used as a pretext for racism, religious vilification, homophobia or any form of hatred. Wikileaks aims at bringing transparency through the leaking of secret documents from governments, institutions and private companies. It does not stand as pro or against any government, institution or private company.While using this forum we ask you to respect those values. Users come from all over the world and have different backgrounds. We encourage constructive dialogues: this is not the place to express hatred and personal resentment. When posting always make sure that your words cannot be perceived as harmful or insulting to individuals. Criticisms have to be addressed to policies, defined actions or governments and not to a country, a population or a culture. Keep in mind when writing that someone across the border, from another religion or another ethnicity will read it.These are the guidelines I set myself and he forum and it is these guideline I hope everyone will share.
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      Ma Rk and before the first person accuses me of throwing out ” cabeldrum ” then please refer to te forum rules that we implemented. He was banned from the forum for constantly breaking these rules, NOT to silence him.
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    • Ma Rk we even have to let poor old jon_doe rave away about UFOs etc *eyeroll*
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    • Ma Rk My Question: Does following a Twitter account that “seems ” to be anti-WIkiLeaks make the forum Twitter account ” anti-WikiLeaks ” ?
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    • Jay Farrell nope. its called “keeping tabs”. 😉
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    • Jasminka Od questioning things doesn’t mean automatically that someone is anti something, in this case anti wl ideas. but even if they are anti, i also don’t see anything wrong in following them. i’m also following some people/organizations i’m not a fan of, but i do so to stay informed. 😀 in fact, the twitter term “follower” is a clumsy and stupid choice.
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    • Jerri Barney How does the saying go…”keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer” :o)
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    • Jerri Barney I think we can all agree that WikiLeaks gets no benefit from being surrounded by nonobjective supporters. What they are trying to do is very hard and they have huge powerful enemies. Another saying that applies here- “Hurt me with the truth- don’t please me with a lie” and WikiLeaks should be looking for people that will tell it to them straight and not placate them with blind praise and admiration.
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    • Ma Rk as a WL supporter I should be allowed to ask questions and raise any doubts if I have them without being branded ” anti wikileaks “.
      WL is an organization and not a company / corperation where one siply follows orders….. so….lets move along now and don’t ask questions…nothing to see here 😉
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