The fake Official WikiLeaks Forum Twitter Account Misbehaving Again 18.08.2012

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This is an incomplete conversation at the WikiLeaks Forum Facebook Staff Room on the 18th of August 2012. Mark is the forum’s owner and creator of the FB group.

Admin1   1:21pm Aug 18

Sorry, but this fight with Japarilla srsly goes on my nerves… it’s totally useless and doesn’t give any rep or whatsoever… esp using the wl forum twitter account…

Ma Rk                     2:12pm Aug 18


Greek Emmy           2:49pm Aug 18

Mark you do not support JA any more and you are breaking my heart. I have sent the family to Lincolnshire and I am staying behind so that I can go to the Embassy tomorrow to hear him speak and show my support. Please for the sake if my sanity tell me how can you not support him when you own the “supportjulianassange” website.

Mod1       2:52pm Aug 18

Emmy.. Mark.. however it will go Ty for keeping the SJA open for who likes to post in support ♥ – Emmy.. yesterday my best friend told me she doesn’t support JA too: nope, untill we support Human Values & Human Rights and we respect each other this will just mean we’ll operate in different directions – The Rainbow Has Many Diff. Colours

Admin1   2:52pm Aug 18

It’s about the cause 🙂 the idea 🙂

Ma Rk                     3:19pm Aug 18

correct…and to make the idea credible you have to keep to the truth.

Ma Rk                     3:58pm Aug 18

ok, then I wont use twitter to state my case if you guys thinks it is damaging the credibility of the forum so I ll put some prime examples here for you all to see.

I will post 2 prime examples of misleading tweets postind by Assange personally. These tweets were designed to whip up more hysteria and manupulate the truth. The tweets were published with the sole purpose of tying to create a scenario of almost certain disaster,

Tweet 1:

” Russia issues warning to Britain over #Assange ”


This tweet as randomly picked without checking the background of this information and its only a good guess, but HOW many p
pl do you think made the effort to check the authenticity of the content……NO, we all blindly follow our leader.

Here is the correct statement, in English:

Here is te statement in German: ( for German speakers of course )

After reading the lines ( and between the lines ) please let me know WHERE IS THE ” RUSSIAN WARNING ” we were made to believe ?

Another typical example of trying to manupulate the truth:

Tweet 2:

” Large police presence of at least 25 officers + vans continues to surround Ecuadorian embassy at 2am, London time ”

Large police presence wit ” 25 officers ” ? and ” large vans ”

Its a standard procedure to enhance police presence in the light of unfolding events. Spontanious demonstrations without warning require police presence in order to protect the public. DOn’t forget, hte Ecuador embassy is next to Harrods which is flooded with tourists etc etc ( Knightsbridge ) and the last thing the plice want is 50 demonstators blocking the streets or having to deal with minor scuffles etc etc so its quite normal to have police presence at a place like this…..but be honest, ” 25 policemen! ” ????

I was awake at this time and checked myself with this stream and could only detect a small handfull of police ( 3 to be exact ) :

There were no demonstators, no drama and definately no ” large police presence ”

I have some interesting chat logs etc etc that would underline the fact that not ” all that glistens is gold ” but I will keep them to myself for now.

Think what you want to think folks and I will do the same.

Mod1                       4:01pm Aug 18

… And are u sure the “manipulations” are intentional?

Ma Rk                     4:04pm Aug 18

please read the links I put up carefully 🙂

Mod1                       4:20pm Aug 18

It’s true: it wasn’t a warning, and the statements abt policemen are exaggerate – I’ll consider these info & value myself – I’ll be supporting the right of having political asylum & a fair trial about JA for the moment.
About Wikileaks: wasn’t it about Releasing Document showing the world’s situations?! I’ll be reading them as… Who knows the persons?! I’ll be reading the Cables, GIFiles, SyriaFiles … That is WikiLeaks: revealing news.

Greek Emmy           5:15pm Aug 18

I know it is hard to keep going, I hope you find this inspiring

Admin2   7:23pm Aug 18

Emmy, I agree with you but sometimes is also hard to stay open-minded and critical. Applebaum is of course entitled to his opinion just as everyone else, even if I think that he’s exaggerating (e.g. “wikileaks has turned elections”). It reads actually like a hymn of praise to Assange and is totally contradictory to his statement “We must not create idols for worship”. As you probably know, I grew up in former Yugoslavia and was Tito’s pioneer. It was fun to dance and sing for him since I was a child at that time. My attitude changed later, not because I found him to be a bad president, but that cultism was simply laughable. And of course more important: we mustn’t question anything. Please, don’t get me wrong now. I am not criticizing supporting Assange and WL, but I think we must have the freedom to question, criticize and oppose things. If that’s not allowed, then we’re heading right into some kind of totalitarianism. (Besides that, after I read and concluded some things I’m not that convinced that there’s a real danger for Assange to be extradited to the USA, but that’s of course only my personal opinion).

p.s. “Flight to Afar” is the first book I read in German. It’s about all kinds of freedom and it has one very good explanation why is the statue of a reading monk free. I can only recommend it. 🙂

Global Mod                             7:36pm Aug 18

could you tell me the German title of the book *******? 🙂

Admin2   7:42pm Aug 18

Of course, *****. 🙂 The original title in German is much more nicer: “Sansibar oder der letzte Grund”

Global Mod                             7:44pm Aug 18

great, thanks!! => on my reading-list! 😀

Ma Rk                     7:45pm Aug 18

Emmy….you know that I am definately not a heartbreaker but at the same time I do have this totally *moronic disgusting bad habit….its called THINKING ( *quote george carlin ). At the moment I have detached myself completely from Julian Assange but stand behind the forum.

What you don’t realize is that, although I have problems supporting him at the moment, I will keep the site up and running and give everyone else the chance to form their own opinios too.

I wont take it down simply because I don’t stand behind it. Incidently this was my first site and its development eventually lead to the creation of the forum. Both sites will stay up.

Ma Rk                     7:46pm Aug 18

I will explain soon in more depth when I have everything together

Ma Rk                     7:49pm Aug 18

** by the way emmy…. my statements regarding my ” moronic bad habit of thinking ” isnt implying that no one else thinks except me, in fact you probably have your thoughts in a better perspective that me. I am highly critical and was taught as a child to question EVERYTHING I hear… hopefully u dont feel hurt my that childish statement of mine 🙂

Ma Rk                     7:55pm Aug 18

here u go emmy……just so u know who I was quoting ( the quote comes at 04.00 mins )

Ma Rk                     8:03pm Aug 18

I still stand behind the ground principles of WikiLeaks as laid out by its founders and this wont change, I just can’t get behind this cult figure anymore and refuse to take part in mass hypnosis or being influenced and manipulated by Assange.

Ma Rk                     8:11pm Aug 18

emmy 🙂

Mod?       9:57pm Aug 18

If you can’t get along with Jaraparilla, it’s best to just ignore him. He’s polarizing on occasion, so it might be better just to ignore his @mentions. Whatever you do, don’t block him.

Ma Rk                     10:01pm Aug 18

no one has been blocked 🙂

Mod?       10:01pm Aug 18

Your interactions with him get broadcast to >everyone< who follows you both, and this can drive other people away. When people are bickering, I frequently unfollow one side just because it’s annoying. 😛

Ma Rk                     10:07pm Aug 18

yes…well I would hardly call this bickering. I am also not aware that there was ” fighting ” but just an exchange of opinions, mine being different than his. I think this is all well within reason. The minute I / we aren’t allowed to say what we think will be te day I close the damn forum :-/

Ma Rk                     10:09pm Aug 18

having said this, I’m nit really too fussed about what others think, especially not within amongst zombies 😉

Mod?       10:09pm Aug 18

Well, I wasn’t trying to belittle it or anything. It’s just a thing. In a “corporate” account (you know what I mean) sometimes opinions are important, sometimes peace is important. Delicate balance.

Mod?       10:09pm Aug 18

On a lighter note, Y U NO FOLLOW ME? ;-D @*******

Ma Rk                     10:10pm Aug 18

ohhh —-coming up 🙂

Mod?       10:13pm Aug 18

Hehe 😀 How do you like the background, btw? It’s supposed to be evocative of WL without just being the hourglass

Ma Rk                     10:14pm Aug 18

its actually quite awesome, although I cant make any connection to WL, but hey !!………….

Mod?       10:15pm Aug 18

Yeah, I think they look more like little pearl onions ^_^;;


  1. It’s important and necessary to question.

    We must not limit thst sbility or the role of the skeptic.

    However to be part of a support-collective is ultimately to support. If the organization( forum/group meetings/etc) becomes nothing more than a forum for parsing the how wrong is the organization’s own agenda, or worse a battleground, the organization no longer exists to its stated purpose.

    Perhaps those entirely incapable of support save in a statement prefacing dissent (“I’m a supporter, but…”) belong in vanguard roles of a different sort of organization.

    This solution grants them autonomy, free speech, and an uninterupted space to state their case. They are welcome to hit “supporters” up with links or engage in debate, hoever on terms ameniable to both parties.

    Freedom, Transparancy & Pea!

  2. Thank you for your comment lb 🙂 The Official WikiLeaks Forum was to be a space for this support-collective. ‘Show your support for WikiLeaks, Join the Forum’ and so I did on March the 8th 2011. But last summer this promise was broken by the owner. I was not the only one to walk out in protest as a result.

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