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About Wikileaks Forum

I used to be a “member” of Wikileaks Forum until I got blocked by it on Twitter one day. I was pretty surprised. Since then, I’ve learned WL forum had been taken over already then by anti- Assange elements. Here’s a follow up that shows WLForum’s true colours.

@treisiroon comments on a conversation between @AnnieDarkhorse, who is a staunch JA supporter, & @EPJas2, who is part of the wikileaks forum.

  1. @AnnieDarkhorse @EPJas2 I support WL & JA. I don’t support WLForum, who blocked me when I once criticised the public cabledrum-forum feud.
  2. @AnnieDarkhorse @EPJas2 2/2 Interestingly, the Tweet was neutral-no way to know if it was directed at Cabledrum or WLForum. Forum blocked me
  3. @EPJas2 and you blocked me. Sensitive trigger finger, it seems, from “open debate” people. @AnnieDarkhorse
  4. @treisiroon #AnnieDarkhorse I’ll try to clear this… may be a bug … wait a min.
  5. @treisiroon No I never did – Damn it’s a twitter bug sorry
  6. @treisiroon it’s a bug … wait
  7. @EPJas2 It was no bug. I expressed criticism of childish public arguments. I was blocked. Pretty straightforward. #Wikileaks#Assange
  8. @treisiroon i haven’t blocked you.. anyway.. listen childish is not that polite eh!
  9. @EPJas2 Based on behaviour of WLForum,timing of the block&that I’ve never heard of a “blocking bug”, I simply don’t believe that. #Wikileaks
  10. @EPJas2 the Tweets coming from #WLForum were anything but polite. It was an ugly public feud. I pointed it out neutrally (to both u & CD).
  11. @treisiroon you trolled it – U should know a forum is for all the opinions – do you think #Assange is Perfect? do u think #wikileaksisSo?
  12. @EPJas2 are you now admitting that you did, indeed purposely block me? You call a forum member expressing an opinion trolling? lol.
  13. @treisiroon NO I never did, I don’t run the forum’s account
  14. @EPJas2 blocking me&calling me troll shows u give way more space to Assange haters (ie Alan Taylor & Objectivisor) than Wikileaks supporters
  15. @treisiroon I don’t run the @wikileaks_forum account – I’m just saying you have been unpolite toward it bcs I’ve seen your tweets
  16. @EPJas2 You just earlier implied you did (“I’m #WL_Forum“). You are playing a lot of games. Perhaps you have time for that. I don’t.
  17. @EPJas2 I knew nothing of the anti Assange takeover when I was blocked. I am wiser now .U also just lied to me.Twice. #Wikileaks
  18. @treisiroon I NEVER lied to you NEVER

I see lies. Anyone else see lies?

  1. @EPJas2 u claimed “I’m WL_Forum” & claimed I was blocked by a “Twitter bug”. Next, u say u don’t run acct & I was blocked 4 being “impolite”
  2. @treisiroon .. ok truth i used to tweet by by forum’s account to post #SJA tweets in Support of #Assange ONLY … wait .. i’ll show U
  3. @treisiroon This site.. support-julian-assange.com/ that now reports also cabledrummer’s menaces toward us..
  4. @treisiroon Jasmine is me – support-julian-assange.com/… and i’ve kept posting pro #Assange Daily
  5. @treisiroon support-julian-assange.com/… every day.. untill he hasn’t posted lies on the fact we had viruses

Back to the “bug”

  1. @treisiroon U are not listening to me 1. it MAY be a bug (pheraphs) 2. U are impolite ^^

Now let’s get down to slagging on Wikileaks.

  1. @treisiroon calm dawn and try to understand that not all those in WL are in wl for defending human rights
  2. @treisiroon some in wl are there for personal power and aims, destroying wl from the inside
  3. @treisiroon ppl attacking the forum for noticing these issues just find it uncomfortable

Pity party (2 years “defending”? Not what I’ve seen recently from WL Forum!)

  1. @treisiroon do U think it is nice to me, after 2 years of efforts defending #Assange ,seeing that they tweet we have spyware when it’sFalse
  2. @treisiroon i’m heartbroken for that… that wl itself is misbehaving bcs “we” are uncomfortable…’hope this is gonna change but i thinkNot
  3. @treisiroon i don’t hope to persuade anyone here on twitter.. just avoid me or forum if u don’t like it

Here’s a fact for @EPJas2 on the above:

  1.  @EPJas2 NONE of the things you are tweeting at me have anything to do w/ the fact that WikileaksForum blocked me last year. #Wikileaks

Oops. Facts and returning to the topic at hand make me a troll.

  1. @treisiroon oh dear, you are definitively a troll.. now i see why the forum has blocked you… let’s end it here
  2. @treisiroon U don’t see and don’t want to see – that’s all – keep beliving what u want

Here’s a response to the “pity me” Tweets from @EPJas2. Jas misses the irony.

  1. @EPJas2 & do u think it was nice 4 me, as JA WL supporter & (then) member of WLForum, 2B blocked 4 criticising yr open feuding? #PityParty
  2. @treisiroon seen your rude behviour,, no i think u felt sad.. but u have no good intentions toward anyone here that’s clear
  3. @treisiroon … think what u want… i’m not going to try to persuade u… i am not a “priest” lol… shape your own ideas and be happy

And this gem from @EPJas2 (remember, Wikileaks_Forum is censoring cables and giving space to anti- Assange accounts while blocking & deleting content from Assange supporters).

  1. Whoever tries of Smear the #WikiLeaks_forum is guilty of#Censorship and Harrassing

two sites for further info on Wikileaks Forum agenda and disinfo:

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My Comment:
Thank you for this @treisiroon, I have posted this at my blog here with your permission:http://atomic-temporary-41199926.wpcomstaging.com/2013/01/29/about-wikileaks-forum-by-treisiroon-shared-via-twitter-tuesday-the-29th-of-january-2013/?postpost=v2 EPJ seems to misunderstand aspects of your communication with her, although I am not quite sure whether this is intentional or not. I worked closely with her at the forum and always found her enthusiastic and hard working but when it came down to it, she chose to make Mark, the owner of the forum, (who makes all decisions regarding banning, blocking etc) her moral compass. Following his lead she has put all her talents in his new anti-Assange anti-WikiLeaks direction. She has accepted as normal Mark’s ridiculous charade of using the WikiLeaks principals of free speech as a pre-text to attack and discredit WikiLeaks and Assange. How can this ever be acceptable to a supporter? If I accept that what she writes she 100% believes then EPJas2 is the most tragic figure of this saga and I will blame Mark for making her lose her moral way. Ultimately, though, we are all responsible for our actions. Her unwillingness to listen to you and your valid story of being banned/blocked by the forum is illustrative of her defensiveness, despite the fact that you were the wronged one. Reversing the table and attacking you as a Censor when you are the one who has been censored is a FearUncertaintyDoubt tactic which points to a particular song sheet certain type of twitter accounts sing from. Pity, pity such a hard worker with real artistic talent to be so misguided. What she thinks of me? her art says it cruelly all: https://twitter.com/i/#!/EPJas2/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FdDuAqhRm, everyone who disagrees with Mark’s new forum transformation he/she is either a Censor/Smearer or under the hypnotic influence of Cabledrum… I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at her offence.