Reality versus fiction, art as a tool to bully and discredit (courtesy of the fake wikileaks-forum)

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On my Greek Emmy Facebook Wall on January 21 2013

 I posted these two images with the commentary Reality vs Fiction. I have replaced the real name of the person who drew the cartoon with the ones she is known in the virtual world. My intention was to have a conversation with one of my FB friends about a photo I had been tagged in but also discuss with other FB friends the Cartoon of me that I had found hurtful and offensive. As it happened by mentioning the cartoon creators real name I somehow allowed her FB access to this post and she started posting to it which was a total surprise to me, furthermore another individual Neo Andersson (aka Mark forum owner) also started posting on the thread. In the end I restricted their access to my private page through FB settings. I  omit here some of my comments I addressed to an entirely different individual since they not related at all with the purpose of this post. Here is the exchange:
Photo: Reality versus fiction, or how art (curtesy of Enrica Isabettini) is used to bully and discredit WikiLeaks Supporters. Very sad indeed, to me at least who is the object of her ridicule.Photo: Reality versus fiction, or how art (curtesy of Enrica Isabettini) is used to bully and discredit WikiLeaks Supporters. Very sad indeed, to me at least who is the object of her ridicule.
Reality versus fiction, or how art (curtesy of Isis / EJas2) is used to bully and discredit WikiLeaks Supporters. Very sad indeed, to me at least who is the object of her ridicule.
  • [….addressing another friend]
    January 21 at 12:11pm
  • Isis / EPJas2 wtf – 1. this is kidding 2. the way you have been trolling other persons with this drama guy posting their full names in pastebin despite knowing they were threatened was awful 3. this has nothing to do with your supporting Assange for his rights but with other stuff.

    The reality is that you are almost daily in front of the Embassy.
    The other reality is that Assange is using a false twitter account posting SMEARS on viruses on the forum, wich is a false thing.
    The 3rd reality is that you keep bad talking about the forum all the ways despite being out of it for a lot so YES i was Kidding about cabledrummer there Hypnotizing a lot of persons with his own views and those, yourself included, REFUSE to see the good aims of myself & other ppl.

    This image is IRONICAL and nothing terrible.
    You are perfectly free of drawing myself whenever you want.
    January 21 at 1:13pm
    […. another friend addresses me]
  • Greek Emmy […..addressing another friend] Isis/ EPJas2 you know more than anyone what Mark was prepared to do and had to be stopped. Exposing this truth and his deception was important to me. When I told you a year ago TrixiZ (now T) was Mark you did not believe me, do you believe me now? he has been pretending for a whole year that he did not speak English, that he was a lovable young man who got drunk and was into anon and loved cats, why? do you remember what conversations he had with you in jabber? you have forgiven him, just I never confronted him with his duplicity at the time but the truth is that the two are one and the sasm
    January 21 at 4:09pm
  • Greek Emmy same person
    January 21 at 4:09pm ·
  • Isis / EPJas2 Emmy T is not Mark.
    You aren’t well informed at all.
    You are saying a lot of falsities
    January 21 at 4:23pm via mobile
  • Greek Emmy Mark was first Admin then Z now T he was also x and a great number of other nicks both on and off the forum.
    January 21 at 4:25pm ·
  • Greek Emmy But he is not the reason I started this thread, neither do I wish to discuss him further.
    January 21 at 4:37pm ·
  • Greek Emmy So you think there is nothing terrible with this cartoon, now I tell you (since you obviously cannot judge for yourself) that I find it offensive, both in the depiction of Cabledrummer and in the depiction of me. You have already twitted it so you want to openly inform your followers about your offensive opinions about me. I will not respond to your taunts in twitter. I will let others make their own mind about what is true and what is fiction. But there something clear to me, I simply do not recognise you.
    January 21 at 4:49pm ·
  • Isis/EPJas2 And I find Very Offensive all the Lies Smears Hyjacking of the forum account + I find dangerous that you have posted private data on pastebin + I find indecent the way you and all the others on Twitter are associating personal angers to Assange related info
    January 21 at 4:52pm via mobile ·
  • Isis / EPJas2 I don’t recognise You Emmy!
    January 21 at 4:52pm via mobile ·
  • Isis / EPJas2 I will draw myself burping and grmmphing if needed but this pic is Nice if compared to all the evil things you and cabledrummer have done only for personal anger
    January 21 at 4:54pm via mobile ·
  • Greek Emmy Well Isis / EPJas2, at least we finally agree in something! How refreshing: We do not recognise each other. We used to agree in supporting Wikileaks and Assange which was the basis of our work at the forum. Now this common shared basis is no longer there, and that is how the rest of the friendship has sadly collapsed. I find your attack surprising and disturbing that you put your beautiful art and obvious talent in the service of the anti-Assange/ anti-Wikileaks operatives. It is your choice but you make me so sad. Goodbye.
    January 21 at 5:03pm ·
  • Isis / EPJas2 Dear Emmy what you see as an attack is just a funny pic where you even look nice despite all the terrible things you have said and done without listening to anyone bcs of your own fear to face the fact JA is a human –
    Stop attacking and don’t come here complaining the others joke on your distorced percepitons because it’s you starting this crap and you and yourself only now “crying” because of the effects of your own actions.
    I’m calm but not idiot, mate.
    Think of your own positions and reflect on the damage you have done before complaining
    January 21 at 5:08pm via mobile ·
  • Neo Anderson I AM YOUR FATHER LUKE.
    January 21 at 8:16pm ·
  • Neo Anderson
    January 21 at 8:17pm ·
  • Greek Emmy Very interesting lesson this one, I was not aware that either Isis / EPJas2 or ‘NeoAnderson=Mark’ could come posting on this thread. I have just blocked both and let’s see if they can still post. Live and learn in Facebook, live and learn.
January 21 at 9:30pm ·
Interestingly Isis / EPJas2 switches her laptop for her mobile just after her first comment. On her way out? hope to grab Instagram pictures of the exchange? (I have noticed she likes to tweet those) or shall we be really conspiratorial and ridiculously paranoid and suggest that in fact someone else is now in control of her FB account and uses it via a mbl… who could that be? who could that be… oh wait a second… who follows her immediately afterwards in the comments thread? …oh it is Neo Anderson aka Neo Fawkes, TrixiZ, MegaTrixZ, Mannigsassg (and whatever else nick Mark choses to disguise himself in, in his Facebook persona). 
The other interesting thing is that the commentary above is very telling of what Isis really thinks of Assange/Wikileaks. After all I am hardly relevant to the big story which is how social media is used to infiltrate and break up the support to WL. The important thing is how this ‘new direction’ at the Forum is pushing the anti-Assange agenda. Whether a willing participant or misguided, Isis/EPJas2 follows this new direction with some enthusiasm and passion.
PS= When Isis/ EPSJas2 refers to Pastebin private data, she is referring to my post which you will find here: