Is fake website owner and admins Faking Facebook ‘Likes’ ?

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On the 7th of October 2013 a forum thread was posted at the website which you will find archived at the end of the post. It refers to a letter that had been e-mailed to Forum members (which content you will find here: ) warning that this forum cannot be trusted as ‘The forum site owner lost the trust of WikiLeaks as he pursues his own agenda.’

The Forum Post was shared around in various Inauthentic WikiLeaks Facebook pages controlled by Mark and ‘staff’.

In the Inauthentic FoWL page, see here the post link had a heading  ‘Open Apology from FoWl Facebook Group to WikiLeaks Forum Members’ followed by a ‘letter’ claiming a group of rogue FoWL members had e-mailed to forum members the warning letter mentioned above. The Inauthentic FoWL Facebook Page then apologised to forum members.

Screen Shot 1 2013-10-20 at 22.08.33
Screen Shot 1
2013-10-20 at 22.08.33

FB ID 363067913731557

The post received 309 likes which is a remarkable number considering that the total likes for the page is 2,986

One has to wonder how such high number of Likes have been so quickly accumulated on this particular post.

If one examines the postings on the page the last 6 months the maximum a post was liked was 21 times with most posts receiving from 1-10 likes.

The forum twitter account tweeted the link to this Facebook Post and the WikiLeaks Twitter Account responded

@wikileaks_forum This letter and facebook group are fabrications. The group is controlled by ‘Mark’ and has nothing to do with FoWL.

The same forum thread promising more information was shared again on October 19th in another inauthentic Facebook Page here:

Screen Shot 8 2013-10-20 at 22.48.42
Screen Shot 2
2013-10-20 at 22.48.42 FB ID 100989556660994

This time the FB post was ‘Liked’ 153 times. This is again surprising. Despite the fact that the page has 33,971 Likes, most posted links normally receive less than 10 likes.

During the same time I kept reading in Twitter that Facebook Pages can buy Likes to prop up a message or a brand and give it commercial significance or public opinion gravitas. The inconsistencies described above prompted me to investigate further the possibility that Mark and Forum admins managing the pages are buying post ‘Likes’.

I analysed all 153 likes for this post and I found that :

151 Facebook Accounts Names were from the Indian Subcontinent, only 2 were not.

103 Facebook Accounts that had ‘Liked’ the post did not actually list the Wikileaks-forum page or any WikiLeaks related pages in their “Likes” List, which was publicly visible and accessible.

44 Facebook Accounts that had ‘Liked’ the post did not have a publicly visible’Likes’ List.

Only 6 Facebook Accounts included WikiLeaks related Pages in the ‘Likes’ List.

The post was shared only twice.

In Conclusion:

The Facebook Post ‘Likes’ are fake.

So are Mark and his helpers who control Fake WikiLeaks named Facebook pages, post a ‘Letter of Apology’ by a Fake FoWL group linking to a forum post and then they pump up its importance with Fake likes? What a fraud!

One has to ask Why?

What is the motivation for all this ?

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Further reference:

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