Update 20/03/2014 Why the pseudo- @ #wikileaks _forum populates #tweet4taiji #seashepherd #helpcovedolphins hashtags ?

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The pseudo “wikileaks-forum.com” capitalising on its appearance, pretends to support WikiLeaks copying their original typeface, logos, quotes (“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams”). In fact, the site is a fraud, actively attempting to undermine the organisation, smearing their staff, as well as attacking WL supporters creating, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt within the community. They have already been active in hashtags: #WikiLeaks, #Assange, #wlsup, #Cablegate, #GiFiles, #Snowden, #Manning, #freeHammond, #freeBB.

Now it migrates onto the #Seashepherd hashtag, looking for areas of influence focusing on Australian supporters of WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks Party.

On December 11th 2013 a new sub Board named Sea Shepherd was created at the pseudo wikileaks forum. Admins: ɔʇx (Z,Admin,x etc), T®²³ (TrixiZ, Tr3N, T23Tm23 etc), mayya, Isa (Isis, EPJas2, Hamster etc) populated it with related articles from the SeaShepherd’s own website or that appear widely in Google search results [1]. Links to these posted articles were then tweeted to the world via the @wikileaks_forum account, using a variety of hashtags, populating them with tweets coming from the forum. No stone was left unturned:

#banmadeinjapan etc.

For example during the period 18-28th (mid-day) of January 2014 as many as 220 tweets were sent to #tweet4taiji hashtag alone from the @wikileaks_forum account, 196 of which linked back to forum’s Sea Shepherd Board URLs [2]. For their efforts, @wikileaks_forum account was identified by Hashtags.org Analytics as a “Prolific User” for that hashtag [3].

At the same time it retweeted tweets from the following twitter accounts: @callofthecove, @coveguardians, @SeaShepherd_USA, @SeaShepherdDe, @SeaShepherdScot, and @OmarSeaShepherd, yes, The Omar Todd @WikiLeaksParty Deputy Chairman. The same #WLParty that is always mentioned by @wikileaks_forum in the light of criticism, disapproval and derision. But momentarily, the @wikileaks_forum account appears to be united with all these accounts in the twitter crusade to save the dolphins. Make no mistake, the pseudo @wikileaks_forum sudden interest in Animal Rights, dolphins and the SeaShepherd, is not motivated by high ideals. It is a tactic for hashtag infiltration and the chance to be an influencing voice among the community of Omar Todd’s supporters and WLParty potential voters. I mean, out of all the Animal rights group in the world they choose to open a board at the forum for the Sea Shepherd?

But lo and behold, the deception momentarily worked:

And that is why there is every need at this point for people within the community who partially understand how the WLForum operates to speak up and warn people of its deception.

Seeing WLF in operation, and having understood that every click on forums URL means IP and location identification, when I saw this interaction… [4]:

– @wikileaks_forum ♥Thank you♥ so very much for the follow! Feel so honored 🙂 let’s get to work #SaveOurDolphins #tweet4taiji !!!!!
– @Borgias4ever you’re very welcome 🙂 Stay strong
– “@wikileaks_forum: @Borgias4ever you’re very welcome 🙂 Stay strong” You bet love!!!! #tweet4taiji ♥

I thought to warn this person of who they were dealing with. So I tweeted them a link with some information. My message received no reply from the recipient but my warning got an unequivocal confirmation from the most surprising quarters [5]:

For that single tweet, the pseudo forum and helpers started tweeting, calling me among other things a cultist, delirious, dangerous etc[6] they wrote a forum post claiming defamation [7] that when tweeted by @wikileaks_forum in the #WikiLeaks and…(wait for it) the #Greekemmy (*rolf*) hashtags [8] was immediately made favourite by a chap called Yannick Chatelain from Internet Marketing company http://www.pearltrees.com 😉

So there you have it. Please take care: http://wlcentral.org/node/2900 (http://archive.is/GgZNy) not everything is what it seems at the Wikileaks forum. Protect yourself, warn others…The ‘forum’ is a front. Their operation in #tweet4taiji #seashepherd #helpcovedolphins hashtags is disingenuous promoting their own agenda.

Update 20/03/2014:

And here is the agenda unfolding, attacking and smearing everything WikiLeaks, on this occasion The WikiLeaks Party and its representatives, during an election campaign. Mark Goeder Tarrant (ex Pickett) Engages in Twitter with Omar Todd, accusing him of “trying to censor free speech” and demanding explanations over comments he may or may not have made [9].  Isn’t Mr Todd as much as anyone else entitled to his views? only MGT hiding behind the “Wikileaks_forum” Twitter account is entitled to his views? So people in Germany and Italy with a proven record of deceit (pretending to be WL supporters whilst they are anti-WikiLeaks, pretending to Support-Julian-Assange when they do not) are actively involved in an Australian Senate election campaign by trying to undermined the efforts of the WikiLeaks Party.

The above mentioned hashtag infiltration, now comes full circle by attacking the WikiLeaks Party Representative Omar Todd who is active in those hashtags. Mark Goeder and his team of helpers (Marc Scheidt, Enrica Isabettini, ‘Richard Crowden’, “Riney/Jerbar/Jerri Barney’) are seeking to influence outcomes, fracture support, as well as seriously annoy people and be thoroughly unpleasant using WikiLeaks branded Twitter account, Facebook page and Forum website[10].


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