Julian Assange addresses supporters on the event “First they came for Assange” 19/06/2016

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Incredible analysis of ‘the gift of the accused’, ‘the superpower of the accused reveals the true character of others’ understanding the true nature of your friends”…..

Love is no longer a word but it is now an action!

Transcript courtesy of (http://www.actvism.org/en/politics/wikileaks-first-came-for-assange/):

Julian Assange:

I understand that I’m speaking to around ten cities. I’m normally pretty isolated here at the embassy, so understand that [it is] a bit of a shock to be speaking to perhaps 100,000 people from these different venues and online.

There are some consolations to being arbitrarily detained, there is some luck in being an accused person. Luck in being spied [on] as terrorist, luck in being accused of being a sex criminal.
You might think that surely it is a shock and a devastation to wake up and find one transformed into a demon, into a thing, into an unspeakable thing. A frightening thing.

No, it’s wonderful, because it is not that you change, it is that others change. You stay the same, but you now have a gift. You now have a super power. The super power of the accused. This super power is to reveal the true character of others.

Who does not long from childhood for such a power? To understand the true nature of one’s friends. We are not judges. We’re the accused. But the people and states around us are. Great characters rise and great cultures step forward to shine. False smiles fade, concealed alliances are revealed, the timid retreat and love is no longer merely a word, but it is an action.

This is the super power of the accused.

Exclusive Wikileaks Video Report – “First they came for Assange”

Source: http://www.actvism.org/en/politics/wikileaks-first-came-for-assange/