Defend Julian #Assange during #DNCLeaks by #WikiLeaks

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It is not surprising, that during the latest WikiLeaks release, the DNC Email Archive, Julian Assange is under constant attack for his work. In a recent interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now he says to gathered supporters:

“It’s going to be a very big publishing year for WikiLeaks and I am really happy about that, in many different types of publications and so actually I implore everyone here to get ready to gather around us, that extended periphery and protect our ability to publishing, to pay our staff, to give us information to be published, or information that can be used to defend ourselves. It is necessary and it will be very necessary over the coming months.”

Let’s do it! The wonderful @SomersetBean has given us a wonderful graphic to mark JA’s Arbitrary Detention, Let’s use it!

four years of JA detention by Bean

And here is a handy list of resources for WLsup to defend him and WikiLeaks 🙂

1]. The Assange Case Fact Checker
2]. The US Gov Investigates WikiLeaks
3]. UNWGAD Assange is held Arbitrarily must be released
4]. UK and Sweden must give the good example

The UNWGAD Press video 5 February 2016:

The legal Seminar in Brussels on 30 May 2016:

Supporters speak out on 19 June 2016 and more

1]. Ciaron O’Reiley 4th Embassy Anniversary
2]. Eileen Chubb 4th Embassy Anniversary
3]. Brian Eno, First They Came for Assange
4]. Who Is Julian Assange? By Renata Avila, First They Came for Assange
5]. Angela Richter, Sarah Harrison, Michael Sontheimer from Berlin
6]. Noam Chomsky, First They Came for Assange
7]. Slavoj Zizek, First They Came For Assange
8]. Perez Esquivel, First They Came for Assange
9]. Michael Moore, Ecuadorian Embassy, London
10]. Dick Smith, Knightsbridge
11]. Arundhati Roy, First They Came For Assange
12]. Ai Weiwei, First They Came for Assange
13]. Vivienne Westwood, First They Came for Assange
14]. Yanis Varoufakis & Srećko Horvat
15]. Ken Loach, First They Came for Assange
16]. Jean Michel Jarre, First They Came Assange
17]. Laibach, music group
18]. Roberto Saviano, First They Came for Assange
19]. Patti Smith Reciprocate this Love
20]. The Archangel Raine @NTG1Messenger
21]. Amy Goodman, They First Came for Assange
22]. Carey Shenkman They First Came for Assange
23]. Peter Tatchell on WikiLeaks 10 Year Anniversary
24]. Gavin MacFadyen on Julian Assange 4 years at the Embassy talking to Afshin Rattansi

Let’s add our voice to them and Defend this man who has dedicated his life to his work in our service: