With #LabourLeadership over, #WikiLeaks offers award for #LabourLeaks

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WikiLeaks offers award for #LabourLeaks

23 September 2016

Wikileaks offers £20,000 reward for #LabourLeaks with information on how the Labour Party’s top officials have attempted to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming and staying on as leader.

With our #DNCleaks, Wikileaks exposed how those at the top of the US Democratic Party had worked tirelessly to tilt the scales in favour of Hillary Clinton as she faced off against Bernie Sanders in the race to be the Democrat presidential candidate. Our revelations eventually prompted the resignation of five of the most senior members of the Democratic Party in the aftermath of the Democratic Convention, including DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Wikileaks is now moving on to the machinations of top officials in the UK Labour Party to tilt the scales against the membership-elected leader Jeremy Corbyn in favour of his challengers.

The first leadership election saw Corbyn win by a landslide in September 2015. Tens of thousands of people, assumed to be Corbyn supporters, were purged from the party and were unable to vote. With the latest leadership election, similar reports have surfaced, with over 3,000 members or supporters – assumed to be predominantly Corbyn supporters – being refused the right to vote for the party leader. Over 1,500 are currently being investigated.

On top of this, around one quarter (130,000) of the party membership were disenfranchised when the party’s National Executive Committee disallowed party members who had joined after 12 January 2016 from voting in the leadership election. Like officials at the top of the Democratic Party, those in the Labour Party apparatus are meant to be neutral in the process of electing leadership candidates. But it is clear this has not been the case. The scales are being tilted.

Wikileaks is offering a £20,000 reward for information which will help Labour Party members understand how their top party officials are attempting to undermine their democratic will. We are particularly interested in #LabourLeaks information about strategising at the highest levels of the Labour Party and its National Executive Committee.

Our secure and anonymous submission system can be found here: https://wikileaks.org/#submit