Julian #Assange to be questioned about Swedish case on 17 October 2016

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Julian Assange has been waiting to be questioned about the Swedish case for 6 long years under Arbitrary Detention. UK has rejected the findings of the highest authority in the world in Arbitrary Detention and employed its propagandists to fool the UK public in the most crude way:

Sweden did the same denouncing the ruling, with the Prosecutor Marianne Ny giving a Press Conference offering no new information with the sole purpose of attempting to spin the narrative her way.

Julian Assange will wait no more. On the 17th of October 2016 he will be finally questioned, the first progress in the preliminary investigation in 6 years. What can be the outcome no one can say but there is something that has changed in the process of investigation and no one says it better than WLsup @BellaMagnani with a twitter post:


Monarchies UK and Sweden have been dancing the tango for six years in full regalia with unmatched arrogance. It has taken the courage of Ecuador, a Republic, to democratise the dance and force them to jump to a different tune. In 2012 the political asylum granted by Ecuador protected Julian Assange’s life and work. Then in 2015 the efforts of Julian Assange’s legal team forced the prosecutor to accept to question Julian Assange in the Embassy. In 2016, Ecuador, consistent with its obligations as granting political asylum,established a Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement with Sweden that will allow them to participate in the Swedish legal process. Finally the tango dance is over!

And so….

The Ecuadorian Public Ministry received the questions Swedish prosecutors will ask WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. […]

“The questions Swedish prosecutors will ask Mr. Julian Assange are already in the office of international affairs. This does not limit the possibility of having Ecuadorian attorney general ask his own questions,” the official said.


We can finally enjoy a more gentle tune: