#Twitter Mission #Assange – Searching for Customer Service

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Twitter has not verified Julian Assange’s personal account, leaving it open to impersonators setting up fake accounts. One supporter, took a trip to Twitter Headquarters in search of answers and customer service:

She reports 🙂

“The adventure began in calling the main 2 phone numbers, at least 40 extensions with no success. The next whirlwind was emailing the press@twitter.com just to try and arrange an appointment. So, I took the initiative of scheduling one of my regular rock concerts and booking the airbnb room. The drive is 3 hours one way. Parked the car in West Portal, and as I always have, changed clothes in the car. Like the girl scout in me (used to dress in sleeping bags). lol. Foraged my way on Muni down to Twitter at Fox Plaza 10th and Market (the same building and floor my Mom’s office was till about the 90’s). Ironic? Dontcha think? Took the grand tour of The Market which is one of the highest end restaurant/ grocery store of every kind of pizza, sushi and cheese. Walked up to the front desk and apparently there is no customer service. At all. It may very well be outsourced. The receptionists were kind enough, but absolutely refused to pose for my selfie! The audacity! All that is available other than that email address which you can send a message to until you wear out the whole internet (drama) and will get no answer. You may die of old age before then. So, filling out the form and handing it in in person is your whole recourse. I was doing it for our Julian Assange, so I wanted to avail his staff of doing the honors. You cannot send it back in the mail. Thus far, complete chaos.”

Awake Twitter Management! Us, the millions of WikiLeaks twitter followers need some customer service!!

Thank you beautiful Wendy for taking us along to your wonderful journey in supporting WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. 🙂