#Twitter Mission #Assange – Where is your Customer Service?

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Excuse me, are you Julian Assange?

He is trapped inside an Embassy for close to five years, a place of refuge from CIA rendition, with close US allies like UK and Sweden collaborating to break through the protection that political asylum offers him inside the embassy, ignoring the direction of UN working group on arbitrary detention that he should be freed and compensated.This is Julian Assange in twitter, where he activated a dormant personal account in early 2017.


But Twitter’s refusal to verify his account leaves the field open for ill meaning individuals to have a field day in sawing Fear Uncertainty and Doubt amongst us by pretending to be the original editor of WikiLeaks. This is not Julian Assange:

Screenshot of a Direct Message Q & A

The fake account copies the same Avatar, Twitter background, biographical notes, and pretends to be Julian Assange:


Where is Twitter’s Customer Service? About time someone found out!

Account suspended April 2017 http://archive.is/MllQm