Julian Assange Impostor Accounts: Report to Twitter for impersonation and block

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A lot of time and therefore money is being expended in creating Assange impostor accounts for Black Propaganda. Please consider to report them to twitter for impersonation to get them suspended then block. Although the Black Propaganda teams working on the impostor projects can create new impostor accounts, eventually with every suspension their job is becoming more difficult as handles suspended cannot be used again.

Impostor Account Example 1:

WikiLeaks @ JullianAsange – changed handle to @ _AssangeJulian

Twitter Timelines archived here: http://archive.is/zvPll and http://archive.is/gKtDb

The second handle has been suspended. The first has been re-used under a new account created on the 28th of June (to reserve the name, so no-one else uses it) http://archive.is/QErgX (using Austrian footballer’s Julian Erhart photo as an Avatar) ID 880100132380786689

Impostor Account Example 2 (31/08/17 Update):

Julian Assange @Real_Assange changed to  Julian Assange @JulianAssunge and then to @JulianAssanged adding a diamond symbol for verification, then changed again to @Julien_Assange and then to @JuliannAssange, @RealAssange always the same twitter  ID 860223427180773376.

Twitter Timelines archived here: http://archive.is/zU5o0,
http://archive.is/s2TWN and http://archive.is/Q0yYf

As the account changes handles any search for the pages produce “page does not exist” whilst the current page retains all the tweets and followers of the historic accounts from the day of creation. This is the way the account handlers avoid being suspended by twitter, leaving room to re-cycle the same handles in the future.

Twitter Timelines archived here: http://archive.is/3KrKq and http://archive.is/FV5Dr -https://web.archive.org/web/20170803222503/https:/twitter.com/Julien_Assange – http://archive.is/vSsab
Archived http://archive.is/lSTVZ and http://archive.is/s5vRK

Impostor Account Example 3:

Wikileaks @WiliLeak ID 887461508267073536

Timeline archived here: http://archive.is/YEThc

Wikileaks @WikileaksTeam ID 887477583595655168

Twitter Timeline archived here: http://archive.is/IljF0

WL supporters have been busy reporting the account for impersonation, let’s hope Twitter suspends the account soon.

Useful Resources:

1.] Twelve Reasons Why You Should NOT Delete a Disused Twitter Account https://twirpz.wordpress.com/2016/03/08/twelve-reasons-why-you-should-not-delete-a-disused-twitter-account/ and http://archive.is/Aes9g

2.] How To Find Twitter Users’ Previous Usernames https://twirpz.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/how-to-find-twitter-users-previous-usernames/ and http://archive.is/dhMcT

3.] How to Report Impersonating account in Twitter: https://support.twitter.com/forms/impersonation

Happy Reporting!

Previous version archived here http://archive.is/ATFsL