What does an impostor account do? Focus on fake @ JulianAssunge

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At the time of writing 19/07/2017, the account had 2918 tweets, out of which 1757 were Retweets, and out of the remaining 1161 , 591 were replies to someone else’s tweet and 570 original Tweets.

The Retweets included:

552 RTs from fake account @Real_Assange (Fake) done at the time @JulianAssunge account’s handle was @Real_Assange (154 of those were re-tweets its own replies / 398 were re-tweets of its own tweets). Two other fake accounts get under 15 re-tweets also: @JulianAsange_ and @JulianAssunge

The Right-Wing Retweets: From @Cernovich National security reporter 106, from @realDonaldTrump POTUS 46, from @JackPosobiec Author of Citizens for Trump 34, from @MarkDice Media Analyst youtuber 29, from @mitchellvii Host of YourVoice™ 28, from @PrisonPlanet Infowars editor 22.

The original @JulianAssange and @KimDotKom accounts get less than 25 re-tweets as well.

The Replies focused on accounts like Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton and Donna Brazil to mention a few of the frequently featured.

Among the 570 original tweets Clinton was mentioned 84 times, Fake News 74 times, CNN 52, Seth Rich 46, Russia 18.

I asked long time WL supporter Bella Magnani what do these impostors do. She brought forward a few examples to define the Modus Operandi

Archived here: http://archive.is/bDRef (Tweet originally made under different handle @Real_Assange)

From @BellaMagnani:

Pick a high-profile target likely to appeal to Trump base. Tweet at them with your fake news (NB. the fake news is selected so it WILL be damaging if read as coming from JA – eg. Pizzagate, Podesta as pedophile, anti-semetic attacks on Jewish Anti-Defamation League, etc) so any replies to your tweet will also flood the target’s mentions (hence Donald Trump and Clinton are so often ‘replied to’ in Real_Assange tweets).

Tweet archived here: http://archive.is/yyD0p

From @BellaMagnani again:

Account claims “free speech” but I’d say its targets/word choices are selected to create maximum distrust / loss of credibility to JA

I asked the same question to another long term WL supporter. Here is what was said.

From Stateless Ænima‏ @blumo0n:

When engaging/ speaking truth to power, one diminishes power. However, these impersonation accounts are powerless trolls seeking to subsume the gravitas of WikiLeaks & by doing so, diffuse it’s reach.Engaging these accounts only assists their mission. Report, reveal, but refrain from engagement.

Finally responding to a call to report impostors, another of our friends hit the nail on the head:

And I could not agree more! So let’s keep Twitter busy, report the impostors 🙂