Resource for: Is pseudo #Wikileaks-forum Anon1984/Julia Reiter connected to Sandra K. Eckersley ?

This is a resource page for: On the 14th of May 2012 Mark Goeder Tarant added a new moderator

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Update 20/03/2014 Why the pseudo- @ #wikileaks _forum populates #tweet4taiji #seashepherd #helpcovedolphins hashtags ?

The pseudo “” capitalising on its appearance, pretends to support WikiLeaks copying their original typeface, logos, quotes (“We are the

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Is Mark Goeder-Tarant from the pseudo-#Wikileaks-Forum dabbling at WikiLeaks work again?

It is widely accepted that pseudo owner and his helpers do not support WikiLeaks. Still, the name ‘WikiLeaks’ remains

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The pseudo website attempts to access canvas image data

Using Tor ( the Anonymising browser to access a website yesterday brought about a surprise message: This Website ( attempted

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Empirical Evidence for fake #wikileaks-forum #Twitter fake followers

In a previous post here I used and applications to analyse the followers history for @ wikileaks_forum. I

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Spamvertising at the fake #wikileaks

What is Spamvertising ? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia Spamvertising is the practice of sending E-mail spam, advertising a website.

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The case of Al Manar Revisited – May 2012 at the fake wikileaks-forum

 It sometimes happens that you feel a single virtual space is your home with no alternatives and the people who

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Resources for The Case of ‘Al Manar’ Revisited at the fake WikiLeaks forum

At the Facebook Forum Staff Page and my private FB chat Mark kept bringing up Cabledrum for about four weeks.

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Selling 2 to 3 Footer Links on fake Wikileaks Forum by owner

  Mark Advertises Footer links at the for Sale in December 2011, using the aliases Soul Assassin & Infusionx

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